Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ooh la la!

31st August Blogged

Today I'm blogging newness from one of my favourite designers in SL - LeeZu! This fabulous emsemble is named 'Miss Tre'. There are lots of seperates to this new line - skirt, blouse, hat, tights and gloves, all coordinated. As always the layering and textures on these new designs are amazing!!

I am also wearing the new (ish) Mima skin from LAQ that I intend to blog in more detail/close ups in the next few days.


Miss Tre Hat, Skirt and Blouse from LeeZu!
Socks from Magnifico
Shoes from Pixel Mode
Skin - Mima from LAQ
Hair - Brande in Moody Brown from Fri.day
Bag from Pacadi-Jasha (no longer available)

Monday, 30 August 2010

Sweet Summer Day

30th August Blogged 2

30th August Blogged 2

I want to touch forever
And drift into its soul
Put my troubles in my right hand
Hold them up
And let them go
Sweet summer day

Just when you think it's almost Autumn, and the days start to feel a little cooler and darker you get a surprise. You dress for Autumn but the sun shines so bright and strong...

...Today is one of those days.

Spikey Reception Jacket (Coal) - from Royal Blue
Basic Tank (Grey) - from Wasted Youth
Zipper Jeans - from Wasted Youth
Boots - Picks Gift from Mayden Couture
Plastik Handbag (Black) - from Baiastice
Lenor Necklace (Black) - from Mayden Couture
Basic Chain Belt - from LaGyo
Sense of Life Ring (Silver) - from LaGyo
Hair - Adena (Bournville) - from LeLutka

Saturday, 28 August 2010

LOTD: Morgan

Coco/Atomic Blogged 28th Aug(1)

Coco/Atomic Blogged 28th Aug(2)

Soooo many exciting things to blog this last few days. The Stumblebum list for this week was released and contained a note about a PRE release of the new skin at Atomic named Morgan. The skins are 500L for each skintone and they all include freckle options - They are SO cute!! Enjoy! Coco has new stuff too, so I'm sporting some of that aswell. I am loving this skirt!! So today's look combines both.

Morgan pre-release skin in Caramel tone - Atomic (Stumblebum hunt)
High Waisted Bubble Skirt - Polka Dot - from Coco
Sleeveless Sweater - Black - from Coco
Leather Leggings - Black - from So Many Styles {SMS}
Big Clutch Bag - Black - from So Many Styles {SMS}
Wilderness Shoes - from Mea Culpa
Skyla hair in Night (Black and Silvers pack) - from Truth
Heart Face Tattoo - from Pig
Black Rider Bangles - from Shade Throne

Thursday, 26 August 2010

New Shooz!

New Maitreya Blogged

Well ok, they're a few days old now and the world and his mother have already blogged them ;-) But well, I love them too!!

I've been playing around with my photography and picture processing skills too in my quest to constantly improve. I hope you like it =)

Skin - River in Olive tone from Dutch Touch
Body suit from Maitreya
Hana shoes in Brown from Maitreya Gold
Hair from Magika

Picture taken at the Kingdom of Sand sim.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Medusa Mermaid

Mermaid Final

A couple of days ago I found a store called Vita's Boudoir after a friend mentioned a dress she'd spotted on XStreet. This fabulous 'Medusa Mermaid' outfit is from the store.

I'm also wearing my very first skin from Dutch Touch. Why I'd never worn one before is beyond me - I love it! I'll be sure to be wearing it more in future posts.

Medusa Mermaid outfit from Vita's Boudoir
River skin in Olive/Smokey Make up from Dutch Touch
Hair from Truth

Monday, 23 August 2010

Country Roads

Country Roads Blogged

Is it wrong to listen to John Denver at 30? Gawd I love him...I was listening to Country Roads and Sunshine on my Shoulders whilst making this picture. This gorgeously pretty outfit and matching boots are new releases today from Miel.

Yay for John Denver!!

'Dandy' Top in Honey & Skirt in Plum from Miel *new*
Dandy Boots also from Miel
Amanda Hair in 'just done' from LeLutka
Straw Bag from Saiken

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Zaara blogged 21st August

I'm so excited about this new lingerie from Zaara!!

The 'Sumana' set is a delicate floral in soft oriental color schemes, with everything 100% handdrawn... featuring a demi strapless bra, corset style suspenders, sheer panties and stockings - a bargain for 250L I think!!

The butterfly headpiece is a new release from Tram!! It's gorgeous and comes in 3 wearable options depending on the amount of detail and dressyness you require.


Sumana Lingerie in *blush* from ~Zaara~
Butterfly hair accessory from Tram
Baby T's in Hot Pink from Pixel Mode
'Deena' Hairs (browns pack) from Friday
Pose from Adorkable Poses

Friday, 20 August 2010

Back to School

Back to School Blogged

It's that time of year again - if you're of that time in your life you're either already back at school or have enough couple of weeks of freedom left ;-)

You can grab the t-shirt I am wearing here for free from Demina Design!! I've teamed it with some Emery jeans, an open shirt from Aoharu, and these new cute ballerina pumps from Milk Motion, which can be worn with or without the bow on the front.

Back to School T-shirt from demiNa desiGn
Skinny Jeans from Emery
Checked open shirt from Aoharu
Ballerina Pumps from Milk Motion
Satchel from demiNa desiGn
Earrings and Bangle form Yummy
Hair from Truth
Glasses from Awesome Blossom

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Party Girls

19th August Blogged

Today I am wearing 3 gorgeous dresses from Hussi. You can find the store here

Look One
Skin and Hair from LeLutka
Shoes from House of Fox
Bangles from Mandala

Look Two
Skin from LAQ
Shoes from Kookie
Necklace from Earthstones
Hair from Truth - don't forget to check out their sale!!

Look Three
Skin from Decade - *TDR* Not current
Boots from Slink
Bracelets from Shade Throne
Hair from Truth

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sunshine and Rain

18th August Blogged

Today I'm blogging another new release from the fabulous Aurora Tremont at auTre, this great dress is called 'Rain Clouds' - the pattern on the fabric is just fabulous. auTre is a great reasonably priced boutique, I am loving all her releases!!

The bag I'm using here is from Lotta, a brand I discovered at the Trey Dope store and you can really never go wrong with Mana Sandals from Nardcotix!

Rain Clouds dress from auTre
Shorts from Surf Couture
Mana Sandals from Nardcotix
Blue/Wooden Bangles from Izzies
Bag from Lotta@ the Trey Dope store
'Nimue' Hair from Maitreya

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We all scream for iScream

17th Aug Blogged

Just a quick post for me today - the day has flown by!! Today I'm introducing a brand that is new to me...iScream. Irene Ichtama's store has a fabulous collection of funky Retro themed clothes, including the 'Biz Markie' outfit that I am wearing here.

The boots are from Miel as part of the shoe fair. =)

Leggings and top outfit, plus headband from iScream Thanks Irene!!
Skin and Hair from LeLutka
Bangles from Mandala
'NOT Boots' from Miel at the Shoe Fair

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Gasqhe & Purplemoon

Gasqhe Blogged

After a couple of days off I felt like doing something a little different than my usual day to day style and I am guessing the Maitreya sale is going to feature heavily in blog posts over the next few days, so I took a visit to one of my favourite Avant Garde stores in SL....Gasqhe.

I had admired this 'Zeuka' dress for some time, and decided to team it up with some hair from Purple Moon. This Rie style is a new release. I am loving the combination!

Visit Gasqhe and PurpleMoon here!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Gutter Girl

13th Aug 1

13th Aug 2

The Sea Hole is a fabulous store if you're looking for anything from a great party dress to something a little out of the ordinary. I am in love with this cute romper that comes with matching socks, to make it just that little bit different. It comes in 5 other colours than the lime green version that I'm wearing here! No need to ask what shoes I teamed this outfit with ;-)


Romper and socks from The Sea Hole
Shoes from Pixel Mode
Bracelets from Garage
Hair from Magika

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lazy Days

12th Aug Blogged

12th August Blogged 2

I'm loving this Drape Vest from KiiToS!! It reflects my mood somehow, lethargic and comfortable - that'll serve me right for staying up in SL until 2am. It's raining yet again too, this picture is me today.

The riding boots I am wearing are available from the Slink sim at the shoe fair. Fabulous flat comfy riding boots - hooray!!

Drape vest (including tshirt under) from KiiToS!
Grey Jeans from Emery
Riding Boots from Slink at the Shoe Fair
Hair from Maitreya
Bangles from Mandala

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


11th August Blogged

Every sleepy light

Must say goodbye

To the day before it dies

In a sea of honey

A sky of honey

Keep us close to your heart

So if the sky stays dark

We may live on in

Comets and stars

Petit Flower Tank in Yellow *NEW* from Lintu Star
Denim Skirt from Maitreya
Roxe Leggings in Black from Emery
Shoes from GoS at the Shoe Fair
Butterfly on Nose from Awesome Blossom
Sugaless Hair (with hat) from !Lamb
Bag from Mayonaise *Subscribo Singapore's Birthday Gift*
Necklace from Earthstones
Bracelet from LaGyo

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Two For Tuesday

10th August Blogged2

Today I discovered a new place in SL to shop. Acheron Ruby's new venture...Acheron Haus of Fashion, courtesy of some friends at Maritima Mall, who kindly invited me along to the launch party at Acheron's new store.

I am blogging this cute 'HeartFashion' dress from the store which I've paired with these sandals from MonS that are available at the Fashion House event, which is running here until the 25th of August with items priced between 75$L and 125$L. Well worth a visit to both!

HeartFashion Dress from Acheron Haus of Fashion
Shoes - 'Su' sandal from MonS at Fashion House
Bangles from Mandala
Rope Flower Headband from FreshTrash

Monday, 9 August 2010


9th August Blogged

9th August Blogged

Today I decided to blog some lingerie. I've not taken the plunge with it yet (pardon the lingerie pun) so I decided it was time, after taking the time to explore Leanne Bebbe's fabulous 'Lingerie Boutique' store I was inspired. I am wearing two of her creations today, plus jewellery from Aglaia and Donna Flora.

The poses I am using today are courtesy of the lovely Milli Santos from 'No Strings Attached'. You can find her store here Thanks Milli!!


Pic 1 -
Vanessa set in Caramel from Lingerie Boutique (LB)
Necklace - Cream Pearl Necklace from Aglaia
Bracelets and rings - Alma set in white from Donna Flora

Shoes - What else? My favourite BabyT's in Black from Pixel Mode
Hair - Deena (browns pack) from Fri.day

Pic 2 -
Sexy Floral Lingerie in Silver from Lingerie Boutique (LB)
Shoes and Jewellery as per pic 1

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Drama Queen

8th August Blogged

Not a new outfit today, just one that I've loved from M*A*II*K*I at Maitreya for a while now. I've added this fab hairstyle called 'Baby' from Analog Dog and really like the dramatic effect. This girl really looks like you don't want to mess with her!

Poof Dress from MAIIKI @ Maitreya
Shoes - Pow Pumps from LeLutka
Hair - 'Baby' from Analog Dog
Bracelet from LaGyo

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fields of Gold

Barley Field Blogged

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in the fields of gold


Dress - Somer Dress in 'Goldenrod' from Surf Couture *FLF Item*
Jewellery - LIA set from Donna Flora
Shoes - Espadrilles in Sand from Gos
Bag - Porta Corsico Bag in Gold from Armidi Gisaci
Hair - Heather in nut from Dernier Cri

Friday, 6 August 2010

Park Station

6th Aug Blogged

Two of my favourite stores in SL have new goodies, so today I am wearing this new top from Kyoot and one of the new necklaces from Mandala. I love them both!

Top from Kyoot *new*
Trousers from Emery
Shoes from Pixel Mode
Bag from Atomic
Necklace from Mandala *new*
Bracelet from Fairy Tale
Hair from Maitreya

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Vote for Pedro!

Geek Chic

When I'm feeling low, there's a number of things that can be relied upon to cheer me up...chocolate hobnobs, Maltesars, copious amounts of alcohol, loud music, or scenes from certain films that I love.

I am inspired today by the I <3 Nerds sweater that Ophelia Demina from Demina Designs has placed as a free gift at her store while she is on vacation. So, in honour of that, geek chic and my favourite scene from Napoleon Dynamite which can always be relied upon to make me smile, here is todays post...

I <3 Nerds Sweater from Demina Designs
Denim Shorts from Gigi Couture
Socks from Scribble
Shoes from Kookie

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mean Reds

4th Aug blogged

As my heroine Audrey Hepburn once said - I've a serious case of the mean reds today. My mood is lightened somewhat by making this post and thinking of sea air bought a song to mind.

This fabulous dress is a new release from Gothicatz named 'Gaia'.


Gaia Dress from Gothicatz
Skin - Drew from LAQ
Hair - Marcelle (blacks pack) from Truth
Hand Jewels - Zaara
Shoes (on ground) - Pow Pumps from LeLutka
Bag (on ground) - from Baiastice
Barefeet - from Slink

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


3rd Aug 3

3rd Aug 2

I seem to be having a cute week this week. I'm gravitating towards pretty tights and flats, and dresses. Today I decided to add a closer picture of the beautiful new Jolie skin from Unique, that I used in yesterdays post. I think this skin is the reason for my clothing choices =)


Skin and Shape - Jolie from Unique
Hair - PiperII from Maitreya
Necklace in Pic1 - from Aglaia
Dress - So Many Styles {SMS}
Leggings and Shoes both from Tee.fy
Hair decoration from Miel
Tiger Bag from [glow] Studio

Monday, 2 August 2010


2nd Aug Look 1 - Blogged

2nd Aug Look 2 - Blogged

Today I've built 2 looks around items from the really cute Narwhal store which is having a 50$L sale on almost all items at the moment. Thanks for the NC Lorellai ;-) It's well worth a visit!


Look One:
Jacket and Skirt both from Narwhal
Lapel pin on jacket from Miel
Cream tank from Fri.day
Knee socks from Magnifico
Shoes from Kookie
Skin & Shape from Unique
Hair from Magika

Look Two:

Panda Sweater from Narwhal
Shorts from Surf Couture
Tights from Miel
Boots from Miel
Skin & Shape from Unique
Hair from Magika

Sunday, 1 August 2010

*New* From Autre

1st Aug1 blogged

1st Aug2 Blogged

Today I am blogging a new release from the lovely Aurora Tremont at Autre - thanks Aurora!. I am in love with this top. The neckline is fabulous, and it has just the right amount of sparkle. I've paired it with these Seaman's Pants from Boom which aren't new, but I've loved for so long that they deserve blogging.

Autre are getting ready to release other items, so I'd recommend a visit.

Other credits:

Skin - Tasha2 from Laqroki
Bangles from Mandala (Rockin Fridays item)
Boots (Muggy in Brown) from Kookie
Hair (Deena - Browns pack) from Friday