Monday, 13 June 2011

I tidy up your room, you tidy up my life.

I tidy up your room, you tidy up my life (1)

I tidy up your room, you tidy up my life (2)

I've always loved TokiDoki - Maya's relaxed boho style, colour choices and flowery girly textures really appeal to me. I'm always happy to see new releases of hers because I know, without even looking, that I will love them and her latest are no exception.

I'm pairing these new pants from Toki Doki with a cute blouse from a new brand called 'Elly' that you might have seen all over the feeds and blogs the last couple of weeks. This vintage feel blouse is not only win for that reason, but also because it comes in this fabulous 'eggplant' shade, that's pretty much my fave colour.

Nothing else new today, apart from this cute satchel from Milk Motion, which is available at The Dressing Room Blue and the fact that I'm wearing the Taylor skin from League, which whilst it isn't a new release by any means is SO beautiful that I'm kicking myself that I didn't already have it in my inventory. If you've not tried anything pre Sia, then I'd really recommend it!

The bangles are a constant favourite, from Zaara and the wedges...well, chances are you fatpacked those long ago ;-)

Skin - Taylor/Sunkissed - League
Tattoo Layer 'Crawford' Beauty Mark from LFauna
Lashes from Dutch Touch
Eyes - Sunrise eyes in warm silver - Fashism -look Ikon I remembered! ;)-
Hair - WINTOUR Hair in Walnut Whip (Dark Brunettes Pack) - LeLutka
Top - Sleeveless Victorian Blouse in Eggplant - Elly
Pants - High Pants in Tan - TokiDoki
Shoes - Fae Wedges/Khaki - Pixel Mode
Bag - My Satchel - Milk Motion for TDRB
Bangles - Indra stacked painted bangles/Silver - Zaara

Poses both from .synt.
Location - Social Angtz Mainstore