Monday, 28 March 2011

You can't always get what you want.

You can't always get what you want (1)

You can't always get what you want (2)

...but if you try sometime, you just might find you get whatcha need.

I'm so totally crushing on Hank Moody/David Duchovny right now having just watched the last in the season of Californication, that it kinda flowed into my blog posts title. Apols!! :D

A summer look today featuring some goodies from the new ranges at TokiDoki and glow studio, and this hair avec HUUUGE hat from Amacci, just because I love hats, and this ones a corker!

Skin - Sia in Suntan/Olive w Frex - League
Hair (w hat) - Tracy in Mocha - Amacci
Top - Layering Tank/Pumpkin -
Skirt - Balloon Skirt (Forever) - TokiD
Bag - Orange Garden Clutch Bag - [glow] Studio *NEW*
Shoes - Crepe Flats / blue&Black - Tram
Bracelet - Reiki Bracelet/White - Mandala

Pictures taken at Pirates Keep

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Love this life, don't wait 'til the next one comes.

Love this life, don't wait til the next one comes

Love this life, don't wait til the next one comes

So, I'll admit....Reek isn't the first place I think of when I want to go shoe shopping, and although the Papercut Cardigan and Autumn boots are a staple part of my Sunday chillaxin' outfit, I still mainly think of Reek when I want to buy someone a birthday pressie, or just generally harass them with cute funky gift (Dinosaur Pyjamas for the win!!). But, what a big mistake on my part...

Today I'm featuring the newest footwear release from Reek, these F-awesome (yeah, thats not a real word) Boston Boots! The boots are totally customisable, via a HUD in which you can change any part of the boot (leather/rubber colour, tongue, laces, eyelets, socks...). They can also be worn with or without socks. If you're super speedy you might even still be able to grab the Navy blue version of these boots which were included in the 50L Friday list this week! A total bargain! Or just grab the fatpack and give yourself a metric gazillion choices of boot, via one HUD :o

I should also mention, that all the background furniture/pose prop I am using is from Awesome Blossom, who also have a 'Spruce up your Space' event offer on at the moment in the form of a cute lil house, which I am going to try and blog in the next couple of days.

Skin - Sia/Suntan/Natural - League
Hair - Neva2/Cranky Brown -
Top - Neelia Beaded Yoke Tank/Black - Whippet and Buck
Jeans - LouLou/Used - Mon Tissu
Bangle - Milky Way Bangle/White - Mandala
Boots - Boston Boots - Reek

Friday, 25 March 2011

I know you'll have the heart.

I know you'll have the heart...

I know you'll have the heart..

There are some real steals in the 50L Friday list this week! Well worth checking out, even if you usually don't bother. I'm always excited when certain stores appear on the list, and this week has really come up trumps, with Kyoot being top of my personal list, but also f-awesome items from Reek (omgboots), and Tiny Bird (cute Romper in 2 colour choices) being a couple of the others.

I'm not usually one for showing my midriff in SL because I don't in RL, which it occured to me is kinda ridiculous. SL is the perfect place to let it all hang out, right?! Ok, well maybe not -all-, at least not on the blog :-D

I've been listening to alot of Angus and Julia Stone lately, so I've added a bit of that at the bottom <3

Happy Fri(wine)day!


Skin - Sia - suntan/olive /w frex - League
Hair - Addison/Walnut Whip - Lelutka
Lashes - XGen Makeup - Basic Lashes B (No hairbase) - MiaMai@Kozmetika
Beauty Mark - Crawford Mole - LFauna
Earrings - Floral Dangle Earrings - Yummy
Top - Foreboding Blouse (Merlot) - Kyoot for 50L Friday
Belt - Mikito Belt/Brown/Gold - Mandala
Tattoo (on tummy) - Kanji/Harmony Tattoo - Aitui
Jeans - Lou Lou/Used - Mon Tissu
Boots - Armada boots/Choco - Kookie
Ring - Kashiti Bobble Ring/Pearl - Zaara
Bracelet - Reiki Bracelet/White - Mandala

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Trés Jolie

Trés Jolie

Quick pic today, because a couple of new ventures are keeping me busy. But hopefully, some exciting new things to come in the next week or so, to keep my blog addiction going.

Today I just had to blog about these super cute shorts from a brand that I discovered recently thanks to the dear Loli and Paris after they featured some tights from this brand on their blog. Whats total win about these shorts is not only the cute flowery spring like pattern but they're also high waisted.

Jolie has a marketplace store choc-full of vintage goodness, at great prices! I'd really recommend a visit and I absolutely intend to blog more of Kaetel's fabulous designs in the near future!

I'm also wearing one of the cute new necklaces from Undefined Lilies...a brand that I totally love, and now has a new mainstore location HERE.

Skin - Sia/Suntan/Olive/Frex - League *NEW*
Hair - Ana/University - Vive9
Top - Layering Tank - V/White -
Jacket - Porter Jean Jacket/Used - Mon Tissu
Shorts - Floral Azur High Waisted Shorts - Jolie Marketplace Store
Necklace - Teensy Clutter (Umberella02) - Undefined Lilies

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Sia - Dark from League

Sia - Suntan from League

Sia - Sunkiss from League

Sia - Medium from League

Sia - Pale from League

Finally, I get around to taking some pictures of the GORGEOUS new release from League Skins....this is Sia, and I fecking LOVE HER!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Pic 1
Sia - Dark/SmokyRose - League *NEW*
Hair - Alright/Brown 10 - Elikatira
Shoes - Pelaje Pumps/Black - vive9
Lingerie - Vanessa in Caramel - Lingerie Boutique
Pose - Off the Wall 10 - Scarlia

Pic 2
Sia - Suntan/Olive Frex - League *NEW*
Hair - Addison/Walnut Whip - LeLutka
Undies - Sexy Hotpanys/Clouds - DeeTalez
Pose - Frisky 5 - Adorkable Poses

Pic 3
Sia - Sunkiss/Glam Goth - League *NEW*
Hair - Marcelle/Night - Truth
Lingerie - Floral Lingerie/Black - Mon Tissu
Pose Prop - Everglow

Pic 4
Sia - Pale/Bloom - League *NEW*
Hair - Later/Brown 9 - Elikatira
Lingerie - Sumana Lingerie Set/Blush - Zaara
Shoes - BabyT/Hot Pink - Pixel Mode
Pose - Off the Wall 7 - Scarlia

Pic 5
Sia - Medium/Classic - League *NEW*
Hair - Early/Brown 10 - Elikatira
Lingerie - Zebra Print - Blacklace
Pose - Glitterati

Monday, 21 March 2011

Can't you see, all this stuff's a sideshow?

Can't you see, all that stuff's a sideshow

Can't you see, all that stuff's a sideshow (2)

...If The Secret Store don't stop releasing new cuteness that I heart so hard, that I must blog it, then I'm going to have to change the name of my blog ><

I asked Maylee earlier if she'd named her new Frou Frou skirts after one of my favourite bands, but of course Frou Frou also means 'Ruffle' in the French language, so it turns out I was completely wrong! Duh.

Anyhoo...these cute ruffley skirts have given me a chance to blog some other items I've had in my inventory and wear often, but have never blogged. Namely the Loire knit shrug from Mon Tissu and this beautiful jewellery from Je Suis, which is colour change and can be textured to fit with almost anything.

Some more newness today, with these shoes from Vive9's Spring release, and yet more new hairstyles from Elikatira.



Pose - Everglow Model 426
Location - Art Dummy@Raven's Requiem

Skin - Sia/Medium/Smoky - League *NEW*
Hair - Alright/Brown 10 - Elikatira *NEW*
Necklace and Earrings - Tente Set (texture change) - Je Suis
Cardigan - Loire Knit Shrug/Black - Mon Tissu
Top (under) - Layering Tank/Scoop/Black/Sheer -
Skirt - Frou Frou/Mint - The Secret Store *NEW*
Socks - Knee Socks/Black - Magnifico
Shoes - Pelaje Pump/Black - Vive9 *NEW*

Let Go - Frou Frou

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Oh well, I guess we're gonna pretend.

Oh well, I guess we're gonna pretend

Oh well, I guess we're gonna pretend 2

I've been in a bit of an emo mood the last couple of days. Bedding down in a hoodie, black nail varnish and listening to waaaay too much Smiths, Cure and Bright Eyes. It seems like this look might have been born of that ;-)


Skin - Sia/Medium/Smokey - League (Fecking heart this skin!!!)
Lashes - XGen Makeup - Basic Lashes B (No hairbase) - MiaMai
Beauty Mark - Crawford Mole - LFauna
Hair - Scarab/Almost Goth - LeLutka
Tattoo - Courage/Full - Insanya & Bubble
Necklace - ECHO Necklace - Miel
Top - Ulrika Top *leo* - Artilleri for 50L Friday
Cardigan - Kasia Bulk Cardigan in Beige - Vive9 *NEW*
Jeans - Lou Lou/Black - Mon Tissu
Boots - Gabilo Boots - Leopard - Kookie

Thursday, 17 March 2011



I am the slackest slackster blogger today :-) I took this picture yesterday, then the new League skin was released, so I've just spent the day staring at myself in the demo <3

Anyhoo, down to business....tomorrow (19th March) sees the start of the Albero Kawaii Hunt, which runs until 2nd April.

This adorable Dandelion pose prop is just one of the prizes that will be available to avid hunt fans who take part! It's named Dandy and is made by Milli Santos of No Strings Attached!

I'm also wearing this supercute dress which is new from Elate! and named Brooke. I intend to photograph it again and blog it properly in the coming days ;-)

Albero Event Park SLURL

Hair - Vive9
Glasses - Epoque
Boots - Bax Coen

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event is now open! Today I am wearing Glam Affair's contribution to the event (other than the land the event is hosted on)...this gorgeous Sakura Skin. The Cute plushie in this picture, is also from the event courtesy of MiaMai, and has a hug pose inbuilt, even though I am not using it here.

Get your linden wallets out and visit the sim, to bag yourself some special goodies of which the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, or simply to donate at the boxes at the landing point!

Make a Difference.


Monday, 14 March 2011

Lookin' for a complication...

Lookin' for a complication...

Lookin' for a complication..

Today I'm featuring some items from a new brand, namely Fleshtone. The brand is a joint venture from Gisele Mubble of Lurani and Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl, of House of Fox, a killer collaboration. It's a little different from my normal style, but I'm loving the change! The beige version of the stole I am wearing, is available as a subscribo gift too!

The location of my post today, serves as a reminder to get involved in any way you can, to help make a difference in the lives of those in Japan who were affected by the terrifying events of last weeks Earthquake and Tsunami.

You can help by purchasing a Relief Teddy Bear from LL and 100% of the proceeds will go to The American Red Cross. Or keep up to date with mine, or countless other blogs who will blog details of the planned Pacific Crisis Fundraiser which will go live shortly.

I don't know about you, but I can't even imagine what it must be like to have your daily life, home, or even loved ones wiped away from you in a do what you can :-)

Skin - Mary/MedTan/09 - Glam Affair
Hair - Biel/Blonde Fun - LeLutka
Dress - Skintight Hunter Dress - Fleshtone
Stole - Fur Stole/Black/Shoulder - Fleshtone
Leggings - SIMP Leggings/Black - LeLutka
Bag - Femma Fatale Gold Chain Bag/Noir - Fleshtone
Shoes - Varra Pump/Black - Fleshtone

Saturday, 12 March 2011

You're a Tiger, Baby!!!

You're a Tiger baby! 1

You're a Tiger, Baby! 2

You're a Tiger Baby! 3.

You're a Tiger Baby! 4.

Every girl needs a little help to get through her weekend housework, right? ;-) Ok, well maybe more than a little.

When I showed her one of the pictures for this, my dear roomie Vittoria asked if I'd been ODing on Mad Men...but I think it's this haircut which is soon to be released by Mr Sebastien Aries of SHAG for Chic Limited whose new collection is out later today...I put this hair on on and everything just got a little....out of control :D


Skin - Mary/MedTan/EBRB/Clean - Glam Affair
Hair - Siren in Kitten - Shag for Chic Limited **COMING SOON**
Jewellery - Alma set from Donna Flora
Dress - Spring Dress/RedFloral - LaViere
Shoes - Dangerously Studded Heels/White - Bellballs (yupyup I'm wearing them again)
Furniture (Ironing Board, Fridge, Cabinets) all from Artilleri
SLURL updates incoming!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Boots and Boys

boots and boys

Just a quick post today! As a reminder, round 2 of the Euphoria Mall hunt starts today at 12SLT and prizes include this cute FrouFrou skirt from The Secret Store!!

Participating Designers are:
Fishy Strawberry, Dare, House of Fox, MIAMAI, Sigma, Oh! Studio, LoQ Hairs, The Secret Store, sYs, Boudoir, Mons, Glance, Lapointe & Bastchild, CIA Designs, [m], Donna Flora, NSD, Dama, Del May, Milk Motion, Lost World Poses, Magoa, Cheerno Femme, Fellini Couture

I'm also wearing some items today as a quick preview of what I intend to blog over the coming days! The much blogged new brand LaViere and these gorgeous Bax Coen ankle boots which I am super excited to have recieved promotional copies of. As a brand that I have adored and been in awe of since my first days in SL it felt like a huge deal to me.

My blog is reaching 20,000 views (and no that doesnt include my own page refreshes lol)...and my rez day is coming up at the end of this month. Although that's not a big number of views for alot of blogs nor a long time in SL, it really feels like a landmark achievement for me personally. So thanks to everyone who visits my blog and Flickr stream <3

Ok, that wasn't a quick post...that was a ramble :D

Skin - Mary MedTan E/Br/B/Clean - Glam Affair (now on the shelves in store as well as a group gift!)
Hair - Biel/Walnut Whip - LeLutka
Top - VneckCrepe Blouse/Brown - LaViere (Hem part not worn)
Necklace - Flora Necklace/Brown - NHA!
Skirt - FrouFrou/Toffee - The Secret Store - Euphoria Hunt Prize
Tights - Dot-ed After Tights in Caramel - Vive9
Boots - Metallic Gold Ankle Boots - Bax Coen

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Day follows day, Light turns to clay...

Abode House 2

Abode House 1

Abode House 4

Abode House 3

There are so many blogs about the Pure Juice event that's currently going on, so I thought the clothing angle was well and truly covered. So, I decided to dip my toes into the water of house/furniture blogging for a day instead and post about this cute 'Keira' house from Abode that you can get at the event :-)

It's decorated with things from my favourite furniture stores, What Next, Lisp, The Sea Hole and Theosophy. I'll try and credit as well as I can - it seems there's a reason why there aren't a whole ton of people who blog furniture in this's a credits-a-thon! Ergh :D


Picture 1
Top -

Flowers - Dream Lotus Flowers - The Sea Hole
Bottom -
Fireplace - Laurel Fireplace - What Next
Rug - Grandma's Attic Rug #3 - What Next
Clock - Clock #10 Propeller - Chronokit

Picture 2
Top -

Planted Flowers as per pic 1
Flowers in Tubs - Gazinia Planter - What Next
Rug - Whirly Rug v2 - What Next
Umberella Stand - Umberella Stand (Texture Change) - LISP
Shoe Rack - Raikes Shoe Rack - Theosophy
Planted Flowers - Dream Lotus Flowers and Emotional Flowers - both The Sea Hole
Lamp - Glowy Outdoor Lamp - The Sea Hole
Swing Set - Lazy Weekend Swing Set - What Next

Picture 3
Top -

Living Room Furniture - The Laurel Living Room set from What Next (can be bought as a set)
Bottom -
Mirror/Chair - Floor Mirror with Lantern - LISP
Burlap of Wonky Sticks - LISP
Sideboard - What Next

Picture 4 -

Gerald, the Feline Prin - The Sea Hole
Bottom -
Chairs, side table and lamp on table - Eco-Chic set - What Next
Lamps in Corner - Nordari (come as a set, and free!)
Television - October Transmission - Nordari (Previous even item, FLF or Themeory I think)
Corner Bookstand - Restoration Leaning Bookcase - LISP

What Next
The Sea Hole

Bit of a song today too :-) Ray LaMontagne FTW!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Roots that spread so deep, bring life to frozen ground...

Roots that spread so deep, bring life to frozen ground...

Roots that spread so deep, bring life to frozen ground Full..

A relaxed look today :-) Secret Store newness, with these tape leggings which are available in a whole ton of cute colours, but somehow I always seem to go for black and grey :D I've paired them simply with some other things I love, right out of my inventory. Still one more Lelutka hair to go before I'm done with the new releases, and a whole ton of cute releases and events going on!!!


Skin - Mary/MedTan/EBRB03 - Glam Affair (from the Skin Fair - don't think it's on the shelves yet?!)
Hair - Biel/Walnut Whip - LeLutka *NEW*
Scarf - Vintage Scarf/Black Floral - League
Tee - Bonnie Top/Black - NSD
Bag - PS1 Suede Satchel/Black - House of Fox
Bangles - Contemporary Bangles - Apply May Designs@Pure Juice (FREE!!)
Leggings - Tape Leggings/Grey - The Secret Store *NEW*
Boots - Gabilo Boots/Leopard - Kookie

Poses - both from Marukin
Location - Slow Cafe

Monday, 7 March 2011

Take my Temperature..

Take my Temperature...

Take my Temperature...

Roll on Summer...or even Spring! I'm shivvering, even looking at the pixel-me wearing shorts and a chiffon blouse, but the new Blair Shirt from Label Mode is just tooooo darn cute to resist :-)
I also hadn't blogged the new Mon Tissu Greta Shorts either, so they needed a mention! (just for anyone who lives under a rock and hasn't read the gazillion other blog posts where they are worn)

Other than that, I'm still addicted to my Mary skin from Glam Affair, and the new LeLutka hairstyles!!


Skin - Mary MedTan E/BR/B/Clean - Glam Affair
Hair - Rain/Walnut Whip - LeLutka *NEW*
Blouse - Blair Shirt/Sandy - Label Mode *NEW*
Bracelet - Alisa Bracelet - LeLutka
Shorts - Greta Shorts/Dark - Mon Tissu
Shoes - Dangerously Studded Heels/Sunshine - Bellballs (Yes, I'm still addicted)
Bag - Atomic
Ring - Paper Couture

Poses - Marukin and Scarlia
Location - South Farthing

Friday, 4 March 2011

Just straight enough to breathe...

Just Straight Enough to Breathe

Just Straight Enough to Breathe Closeup

Skin - Mary/MedTan/E/BR/B/09 - Glam Affair
Makeup Layers -
Crawford Mole - LFauna
Lashes 03 - Mozz
Hair - Addison/Bournville - LeLutka *NEW*
Top - Book Worm Top/Sante Fe - Kyoot for 50L Friday (Go grab them, go go!!)
Jeans - Liu Lou/Used - Mon Tissu
Boots - Olea Boots/Worn - Surf Co
Ring - Water Over Wine Ring - Paper Couture

Poses - From the 'Off the Wall' collection, from Scarlia :-) I can't get enough of this pose set!!!

Location - Dimrill Dale