About My Blog

I started this blog as a means to teach myself some new skills. It's gradually turned me into a crazed shopping fanatic, and potential photographer.

I love putting looks together and I guess you could describe my style as your typical girl next door.

I'm as interested in taking and editing pretty pictures, as I am in the clothes, however I try to always make sure I am representing the items I used, as they appear in world.

Some things to know about me:

1 - I am addicted to my tattoo layer Cindy Crawford-eque beauty mark, Pixel Mode BabyT shoes, anything from The Secret Store and Mon Tissu jeans - I might feature these ALOT. Infact when I find something I really love, you might see it in my blog several days in a row.

2 - No matter how hard I try to put together a sexy look, I never quite manage it. Everything turns out 'cute'

3 - I have average girl fashion sense, some days I might look like I tripped and fell into a jumble sale, other days I might model myself like my fave movie stars. I'm also pretty terrible at being bang on trend. I'm not a stylist, I'm just a girl who loves to shop.

4 - My hands are ~always~ cold - so I blame them for my poor typing. Please forgive the typos!

I hope you enjoy reading, and please feel free to chat to me inworld anytime =)