Saturday, 28 May 2011

You just haven't earned it yet, baby

You just haven't earned it yet, baby (1)

You just haven't earned it yet baby (2)

Free time and inspiration in the form of lots of new goodies in SL this week (and last) mean, I've managed to get around to blogging again.

I've also played around with the layout of my blog a little, and taken advantage of some new widgets that make it a little easier to view and search in. If you're a fellow blogger and my link to you has somehow gotten lost in that process, please poke me and I'll be sure to get you added again.

Today I'm featuring new goodies from Dutch Touch, Tram, Kyoot (for 50L), Lamb, Fleshtone, Kookie, Fishy Strawberry and Psychotropia. Whew :-)

Skin - RooS/Tanned - Dutch Touch *NEW*
Lashes - Dutch Touch (included with the RooS skin)
Beauty Mark - Crawford Mole - LFauna
Hair - Lo-Fi/KitKat - Lamb *NEW*
Tee - Revolutionary Tee/Rust - Fishy Strawberry *NEW*
Jacket - Collar long-shirt/Dot-Brown - Tram *NEW*
Shorts - Greta/Original - Mon Tissu
Socks - Lacey White Knee Socks - Kyoot for 50L Friday
Shoes - Pipp/Earth Pack - Kookie *NEW*
Bag - The Rose Satchel - Fleshtone *NEW*
Necklace - PsychoFlowerNecklace in Red - Psychotropia *NEW*

Pose - Amie by Xbordeux

Friday, 20 May 2011

Cut me Loose

Cut me Loose (2)

Cut me Loose (1)

The last weeks seems to have passed me by. I've missed a ton of great blogging opportunities, but no panic, I did manage to get ahold of all the gorgeous shoes I'd been hankering after at the fair...I just didn't get time to blog them! But I've seen things all over the feeds, so I think that even was well and truly covered in all quarters ;)

Today I'm featuring some newness that aren't part of events, they're just cute!

This skin is new from Apple May Designs and is named Teegan. I'm wearing the Peach tone here, which is about in the middle of the spectrum available. I own a couple of Apple May skins, but this is my favourite so far...each one seems to get better than the last.

Emery is a store whose designs I often wear, and the new releases today are no exception. This cute crop top is part of a selection and there are some skirts and vests to be had, too!

Skin - Teegan/Peach - Apple May Designs *NEW*
Eyes - Sunrises Eyes in Rose - Fashism
Hair - Rykiel/Walnut Whip - LeLutka
Top - Cropped Top Waris (Sommerlier) - Emery *NEW*
Jeans - Nora Jeans/Dark - Addict
Shoes - KIA Wedges/Soft Brown - LeLutka *NEW* @ The Shoe Fair
Bag - Quilt Metallic Chain Bag/Gold - Septem Essentia
Bangles - Takara Bangles/Gold - Mandala

Poses - Both from synt
Location - NoDe Mainstore

Friday, 13 May 2011

Leave me for a while...

Leave me for a while...

Tap, tap, this thing on?! It seems blogspot's been having some issues today ;-) But I guess it is Friday the 13th!

Pictured above are some gorgeous creations that all seemed to belong together, and I am loving them all.

It's safe to say none of these designers EVER fail...though, the Ryn jumpsuit here, is limited edition for Culture Shock from Kyoot, so be sure to go and grab it before the event ends on the 22nd May! It's available in a collection of gorgeous patterns, from this sequin glam version, to paisely, flowery and leather.

I'm also wearing one of the new skins from Tres Blah, at the Skin and Shape expo which is still going on! I feel a little strange right now, because I've been alternating between this cute skin and Layla from Glam Affair, which gives an entirely different look!

The hair is a new group gift out today from Lamb - everyone seems to be going in the roots direction, and this one's no exception.

Skin - Indie: Starlet (tan) - Trés Blah@ the Skin and Shape Expo
Hair - Heart in Honeycomb - Lamb (new group gift)
Outfit - Ryn High waisted Jumpsuit (Glam) - Kyoot for Culture Shock
Necklace - Alloy Necklace - LaGyo Mademoiselle collection

Monday, 9 May 2011

Gentle impulsion shakes me, makes me lighter

Gentle impulsion shakes me, makes me lighter

Gentle impulsion shakes me, makes me lighter (2)

I wasn't really going to blog today, but I took another trip to Culture Shock and picked up some goodies that the laggy treacle walk had prevented me from getting near thus far.

Soooo....Grixdale, Orta and Atomic with some other inventory classics mixed in!

I'm also using more cute poses from synt today. Tart and ScarlettLily have already increased the size of their store to accomodate all the goodies they're producing! Well worth a look, if you're like me and constantly on the hunt for new poses, although the store also has other things too!

Some music today too, because I was listening to this on a loop last night. I <3 this version so forgive me for not linking Massive Attack ;-)

Skin - Gaia/Sunkissed with added Summer Stripes eyemakeup tattoo - PXL
Hair - Honey in KitKat - !Lamb
Top - Lovely Chiffon / Cornflower - Atomic @ Culture Shock
Jeans - Worn but Loved Jeans - Grixdale @ Culture Shock
Bangles - Takara Bangle/Rich Gold - Mandala
Ring - Raga Oyster Ring/Black Pearl - Zaara
Bag - Natasha Bag/Light Tan - Orta @ Culture Shock
Shoes - Patteson Flip Flops - Reek

Poses - 'Don't let me out' and 'Stop making sense' both from Synt

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I want it, everything you throw out.

I want it, everything you throw out.

I want it, everything you throw out (2)

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying wearing Gaia, the new release from Hart Larsson of PXL. The customization of the skin only adds to it's appeal. For a girl who loves messing with eyemakeups, but keeping the lips neutral, this way of adding each makeup on a seperate tattoo layer is godly!!

I'm wearing some of the new collection from Mon Tissu today too, which needless to say is cute and totally flawless!!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone celebrating it today!!


Skin - Gaia (SunKissed NE MEB C2) - PXL
Tattoo Layer Makeup - Gaia SK Pearl Eyes - PXL
XGen Basic Eyelashes - MiaMai
Crawford Beauty Mark - LFauna
Hair - Rush/Brown10 - [e]
Top - Gathered Frills Blouse/Black - Mon Tissu *NEW*
Skirt - Scattered Birds Skirt/Grey - Mon Tissu *NEW*
Shoes - Move Pumps/Onyx - [e]
Bag - Girly Briefcase/Black (2hands pose) - The Secret Store *NEW*

Friday, 6 May 2011

Fire and the Thud

Fire and the Thud 2

Fire and the Thud 1

Fire and the Thud 3

This week saw the new collection from Shine. I'm such a sucker for Military inspired clothing, that I'm loving all of it. Plus there's the added bonus of being able to relive all my Officer and a Gentleman fantasies ;)

Picture 1 -
Skin - Blessa/Tan/Sweetheart - Tres Blah
Hair - La Petite Mort/Brown - Shag
Dress - Joana D. Dress/Green - Shine *NEW*
Pose - Atomic

Picture 2 -
Skin - Sia/Medium/Smokey - League
Hair - YNO421/Chocolate - Boon
Hairbase - Raised Gathered Hairbase/Chocolate - Boon
Top - Judite Top/Cream - Shine *NEW*
Skirt - Anitta Skirt/Brown - Shine *NEW*
Glasses - Sunglasses Aviator/Light Blue - Emery
Pose - Atomic

Picture 3 -
Skin - Sia/Sunkiss/Champagne - League
Hair - Rumor/Brown 10 - [e]
Top (under) - Layering Tank/White -
Jacket - Anne Frank Jacket/Blue - Shine *NEW*
Jeans - loulou/used - Mon Tissu
Hat - Fu Hao Hat/Black - Shine *NEW*
Pose - Sashay01 - Poseur

Location - The Mother Road.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

People are fragile things, you should know by now.

People are fragile things, you should know by now.

A simple look today, showing a couple of new things that I love. Newness from Coco, whom I always look forward to new releases from, and some cute sandals from Elate!

I'm looking forward to being able to get back onto the Culture Shock sim, so I can grab some goodies from there, over the coming days.


Skin - Sia/Suntan/Champagne (makeup) - League
Hair - Jordyn/Caramel - Maitreya
Necklace - Soul Necklace/Silver - Mandala
Dress - Summery Dress/Navy - Coco *NEW*
Sandals - Theia Sandals/Gold - Elate for Culture Shock *NEW*