Saturday, 30 October 2010

Diamond on a landmine

Blogged - 30th Oct 1

Blogged - 30th Oct 2

Sooooo, a new look for my blog today. I really like the freshness of it and it was time for a change.

Just don't ask about the title...I've been listening to alot of Billy Talent lately. This girl looks like she doesn't want to be messed with though!

Skin - Claudia2/Fair/Makeup 8 - LAQ
Added Tattoo Makeup layers - Simple Smokey and Crawford Beauty Spot - L.Fauna
Hair/Hat - Ymre/Peroxides Pack/Beach Blonde - Maitreya
Jacket - Fur Coat/Black Fur - Aoharu
Necklace - Metalla Necklace/Silver/Texture Change - LaGyo
Dress - Bloom Dress/Black Rose - The Secret Store *NEW*
Knee Socks - Sheer Socks/Black - [m]Magnifico
Boots - Short Lace-Up Boots/Black - *GF* G Field

Friday, 29 October 2010

Autumn In Bloom

Autumn in Bloom 1

Autumn in Bloom 2

I was so excited to log in to new goodies today =) I'm pleased to be featuring new releases from The Secret Store and LaGyo.

This fabulous Bloom dress I am wearing, is Maylee Oh's newest release, and is available in store from today! I am wearing the tartan version named 'Scottish Dahlia' but there are 3 more designs to chose from. I am sure I will be featuring more of them in the coming days because I cannot tell you how much I love it!

These awesome 'Cursus' earrings are part of the extensive Autumn releases from LaGyo, and are colour change!

I am also wearing the newest skin from LAQ named Claudia2, after telling myself I was going to save some lindens, then made the mistake of trying it on ;-) I am so in love with the shading on this skin, there's something so smooth and glamourous about it and the makeup choices as always, are fantastic!

Skin - Claudia2/Makeup 1 - LAQ
Hair - Miabella/Caramel - Maitreya *newish*
Earrings - Cursus Earrings/Gold/Texture Change - LaGyo
Dress - Bloom Dress/ Scottish Dahlia - The Secret Store
Poses: Posies

Big thanks and hugs to Gyo and Maylee.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oooh lala!

Ooh lala 2

Ooh lala 1

Ooh lala 3


Skin - Claudia2/Fair/Makeup 5 - LAQ *new*
Hair - La Petit Morte/Brown - Shag
Earrings - Long Pearl Earring/Black - +*AA*+
Bolero - Bow-Lero/Mustard - The Secret Store*new*
Undershirt - Crewneck.Capsleeve.Tee/Navy -
Skirt - DenimRuffleSkirt/Dark Blue - Coco
Belt - Belt Double/Yellow - Emery
Tights - Colour Tights/Gold - Izumiya
Boots - "Anna" Short Ribbon Boots/Navy - *GF*
Bag - Izumiya

Poses from:
Di's Opera

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's a-me! Mario!

It's a-me! Mario! 1

Some fun today! I guested on my dear friend Miss Poppy Panache's blog HERE! using these fab Mario andd Luigi costumes from Maylee Oh of The Secret Store! Here's a taster of the photo's she made! Go check out her full post and the credits! =) Thanks Poppy, I had too much fun. You rock!! xoxo

Monday, 25 October 2010

LOTD: 25th October

LOTD: 25th Oct 1

LOTD: 25th Oct 2

LOTD: 25th Oct 3

Skins - Tess2/Peach/Makeup2 - LAQ
Makeup layer 1 - Beauty Mark/Crawford - L.Fauna
Makeup layer 2 (eyes) - Smokey Makeup Pack/Smokey Black - Kyoot
Hair - Lasting/Brown 9 -[e]Elikatira *new new new*
Top (under) - Flimsie Plungie Blouse (sheer lace) - Kyoot FLF
Cardigan - Autumn Cardigan/Zebra - u.f.o @ Halloween Gatcha Festival
Brooch - Bones Hand Brooch/Gold - LaGyo@Halloween Gatcha Festival (Thanks Gyogyna!)
Belt 1 - ginger Belt/Black&Silver Studs - Nyte 'n Day
Belt 2 - Pink Stole/Chains - Izumiya
Jeans - Low Waisted Jeans/Black - Hyper Culture
Shoes - Comic Inspired Wedges - Tee*fy (Project Themeory)
Bag - Rose Tote Bag/Khaki - {SMS} @ TDR 14 (last weeks, sorry!)

Poses - 'A language he knows' pose pack - Kyoot - FREE in store! Go Go!

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Café 1

Café 2

A relaxed look today, formed of a few fun things going on at the moment. The Halloween Gatcha Festival at Albero, The Tea Hunt (22 items on one parcel, all at just 1 Linden each!), and new Dressing Room things for this week! Phew!! =)

Skin - Tess2/Peach/Makeup2 - LAQ
Added Makeup Layer - Kyoot Makeup/Feline/Wood Smoke - Kyoot
Hair - Heart/KitKat/Chocolate Bars pack - !Lamb
Scarf - Kimono Muffler - .+**AA**+. *The Tea Hunt*
Bag - Sally Floral Clutch/Orange - Modd.G @ the Albero Halloween Gatcha Festival
Tee (under) - 'I'm a Gleek' TShirt/Pink - Awesome Blossom
Cardigan - Clarissa Chiffon Cardigan/Old Rose - ::{{u.f.o}}::
Skirt - O'lala Skirt/Blue Ink/Brown Belt - LeeZu!
Tights - Woolen Tights/Brown - Fishy Strawberry@ *The Dressing Room*
Boots - Engineer Boots - KiiToS@ *The Tea Hunt*

Poses I used:
Picture 1 - ANTM Saleisha - Posies
Picture 2 - Editorial Series 2/Pose 3 - Di's Opera

Thursday, 21 October 2010

LOTD: 21st October

21st Oct 1

21st Oct 3

Skin - Tess2/Peach - LAQ
Hair: Jessica2/Chestnut tones - 69 *new*
Jacket: Lucretia Leather Jacket/Black - Ricielli *new*
Skirt: Metallic Waisted Skirt/Purple_round version - Modd.G *new*
Leggings: SIMP Leggings/Black - LeLutka
Boots: Short Lace Up Boots/Plum *GF* G Field

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Spirit Store and Other Newness

20th Oct Closeup

20th Oct Pic 3

20th Oct Full Length

Some new things today that I hadn't gotten around to blogging yet, and some fabulous pants from a new store on the grid. Namely, The Spirit Store. I am wow'd by the quality of the texture work in all the clothes from this new designer. Definately worth checking out!!

Ricielli newness (yay!), LAQ newness and Maitreya newness here too! I'm inundated with fab new things to blog this Autumn!

Skin - Phoebe2/Peach/Makeup 8 - LAQ *new*
Hair - TarynII/Chocolate - Maitreya *new*
Beret - Beret Tropez/Black - Emery
Jacket - DYLIA Leather Jacket/Black - Ricielli *new*
Top - LA DIVA tank/Rosee - Ricielli *new*
Trousers - Dots Pants/Black&White - The Spirit Store *new*
Shoes - BabyT's/Black - [PM]Pixel Mode
Necklace - Hannya Necklace - Mandala

Poses from Posies

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Rest Stop

Rest Stop - 19/10

Rest Stop 2 - 19/10

Skin - Tess2/Peach/Makeup 2 - LAQ
Hair - Bebe/Coffee - Truth
Dress - Pouff Pardon/Cracked Cement - Vive9
Jacket - Simple Jacket/Black - Aoharu *new*
Pants - Black Tight Trouser - {{Zaara}}
Shoes - Madonna Shoes/Black - Redgrave
Necklace - Gladiis Necklace/Gold (colour change) - LaGyo *new*

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Modd.G Newness

17th Oct - Look 1

17th Oct - Look 2 (1)

17th Oct - Look 2 (2)

I was so chuffed when I saw moddishh circulating on Flickr a few weeks ago. The promise of new things from one of my favourite designers in SL is always great news, and the Modd.G brand has been high on my list since my first weeks in SL. I think I wore my pink tulip dress for a week straight and often still wear it now =)

So I was excited to visit the newly laid out store today after I recieved a notecard about the fabulous new releases. I am sure I will be featuring more items over the coming days and weeks, but here are a few things I picked up today including the fabulous glasses, which along with some socks/tights, are a group gift on a table just inside the store. Go and grab them for yourself!! =)

Look 1 -
Skin - Mima/Makeup 2 - LAQ
Hair - Baby's on Fire/Snickers from Chocolate Bars Pack - !Lamb
Glasses - But I'm a Scientist Giant Shades - Modd.G *Group Gift* Go grab 'em!
Shirt - Basic Striped Tee/Green - Modd.G
Cardigan - Mom's Old Sweater/Brown/Modd.G
Necklace - Zodiac Necklace - Modd.G Gatcha Machine (50L)

Look 2 -
Skin - Mima/Makeup 2 - LAQ
Hair - Aya/Brown Shades (comes with colour changing HUD) - Dernier Cri
Hat - Ulysses Trilby Hat/Brown - Modd.G
Sweater - Donna Slouch Sweater/Brown - Modd.G
Shorts - Billy Denim Shorts/Garage - Fishy Strawberry
Tights - Crochet Tights/Brown - !Doux Petit
Boots - Nyox Boots/Brown - Kookie
Rings - Shield Rings/Silver&Black - LaGyo

Poses I used:

Pic 1 - Model Pose 356 (from Pack 36) - Everglow
Pic 2 - Silent Line 2/Pose 8 - from Di's Opera
Pic 3 - Heh #1 - from Del May

Thursday, 14 October 2010

LOTD: 14th October

LOTD 14th Oct

LOTD 14th Oct

LOTD 14th Oct


Skin - JoSje/Cream/Red Lips/Brown Hairbase - Dutch Touch *new*
Hair - Clawtooth
Hat and Sweater - From the Fore*Tram Collaboration outfit - Tram/Fore
Black Tee (under) - Femme Lace Cami - Jane
Skirt - Kiki Skirt/Golden - Jane
Tights - Izumiya
Boots - Riding Boots/Black - Slink (from the Shoe Fair. Might not be available in store)
Bag - 'Oh My' Bag/Pumpkin - The Secret Store Thanks to Maylee Oh

Monday, 11 October 2010

Call for Couture - Maven Haus

Maven Haus 1

Maven Haus 2

Maven Haus 3

The Call for Couture event is now on and runs until the 31 October! You can visit the sim here, to buy ready to wear items, or bid on the auctions to perhaps bag yourself an exclusive item, of which there will only be a few inworld.

Today I'm featuring this fabulous 'Noyeb' dress from Maven Haus. It's not the easiest thing I've ever worn, but it definately makes a statement! I like to step outside of my cute box once in a while and try something different.

The tattoo layer makeup is from Nuuna's skin, also available for purchase at Call for Couture!
I think it's going to be a busy few days checking out this fabulous event!!

Skin - Mima/Peace/Makeup 2 - LAQ
Hair - Deena/Emo Black -
Shoes - Esprit-XTD v2.0/Noir - Maitreya Gold
Bangles - Boom (Part of a previous Stumblebum item, not sure if they are still available)

Russian Doll

Russian Doll

Just a quick post of a single picture of the new LeLutka poncho named REA, that I took yesterday =) I feel like I should be in a Russian novel wearing this, and the Foxfur hat from Tram!!

More to come later today from the Call for Couture event. Yay!!

Skin - Nellie/Peach/Makeup 8 - LAQ
Beauty Spot - L.Fauna
Eyeliner Makeup - Feline Pack II/Soft Brown - Kyoot *Stumblebum exclusive*
Hair - Nimue/Caramel - Maitreya
Poncho - REA Poncho/Mocha - LeLutka *new*
Foxfur Hat - Tram *new*

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Stumblebum Stuff

Sunday & Stumblebum Stuff

Sunday & Stumblebum Stuff

I'm a sucker for new stuff from Kyoot. I feel like I blog it weekly almost, in some way shape or form :D So today, here's this weeks offering from Saeya, for the Stumblebum hunt. The pack contains 3 versions of a high waisted skirt (I'm wearing the tweed one here) and a second pack of gorgeous eye makeups.

Tis the season of boots and chunky cardigans too, both of which are from Concrete Flowers, today.

Skin - Isabel/Milky/Makeup 6 - LAQ
Beauty Spot - Crawford - L.Fauna
Eye Makeup - Feline Pack II/Soft Brown - Kyoot *Stumblebum item*
Hair - Adena/Bournville - LeLutka
Top - Basic Tank/White -
Cardigan - Bean CArdi/Black - Concrete Flowers
Skirt - Reptilia High Waisted Skirt/Tweed - Kyoot *Stumblebum item*
Knee Socks/Black - Magnifico
Boots - Imnu boots/Slate - Concrete Flowers
Necklace - Takayama Necklace - Mandala

Lip Ring - Confession Piercing - Skream

Friday, 8 October 2010

10th Lurani and AuTre

10th Lurani and AuTre Blogged

10th Lurani and AuTre Blogged

Today I decided to feature this 'Darkness Frills' dress from AuTre that Aurora Tremont has designed for 10th Lurani.

10th Lurani was created by Gisele Mubble of Lurani, and her vision was to create a then linden shop that maintained the quality of her mainshop Lurani. Everything at 10th Lurani is only ten lindens, this includes gowns, mini's, tee's, and even skin fatpacks!

Here's the LM!

Skin - Mima/Make up 2 - LAQ
Hair - Blake/Mahogany - *new* from Truth
Darkness Frills Dress - 10th Lurani
Tights - Colour Tights/OliveDrab - Izumiya
Necklace - Elle Uber Bow - Miel (from last weeks FLF)
Boots - Armada Long/Noir - Kookie
Bag - Straw BAg - Izumiya (group gift)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Nanna's Old Scarf

Nanna's Old Scarf

Nanna's Old Scarf

When I was a kid and Autumn came around, my Grandmother would get out all her hats and scarves and my younger sister and I would dress up in them, seeing how many scarves and hats we could wear at once.

Todays post reminds me of that...Autumn is hat and scarf season, but you can get away without those thick woolen ones and opt for patterns and colours and lighter fabrics. I sooo love everything in this outfit.

I've also opted for a different skin and shape to my normal LAQ favourites and opted for 'Audri' from Atomic instead.

Skin - Audri/Honey/Abyss Makeup with added Tattoo layer 'Thorn' Liner - Atomic
Hair - Anemone/Dark Brown 2 - {{Trico}}
Hat - French Beret (Olive) - Nova
Scarf - My Vintage Scarf (Flowers1) - *new* from Milk Motion
Sweater - Gray Sweater - Izumiya
Jeans - Skinny Jeans (Grey) - Emery
Bag - Mini Bag (Green)- Izumiya
Leg Warmers - Knit Leg Warmers - *new* from Tram
Shoes - Kulturtant Flats (Colour changeable) - Periquita

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

New Stuff Ahoy!

5th Oct Blogged

5th Oct Blogged

I'm featuring some new stuff today from Truth, Miel and Hyper Culture. All fabulous names that I've loved since my first weeks in SL.

This gorgeous new top named Elle, from Miel is fabulous. I am wearing the 'uber' version in which ever part is colour and texture changeable. Everything I've ever owned from Miel has been so easy to fit.

These low waisted jeans are new (ish) from Hyper Culture. I often have problems with jeans for some reason, but these are perfect. The cuffs at the bottom are perfectly shaped and sized to wear with flats as well as heels.

'Estelle' which I am wearing in chestnut tone, is one of the 3 newest releases from Truth this week. It's a little different to the norm, in that it has both upper and lower layers, so you can decide for yourself.

Skin - Nellie (peach/makeup 9 with hairbase) - LAQ
Hair - Estelle (chestnut from Browns pack) - Truth
Top - Elle Uber Version - Miel
Jeans - Low Waisted Jeans (black) - Hyper Culture
Shoes - Kulturtant Flats - Periquita
Bracelets - Running Bangles - Boom

Monday, 4 October 2010

The world is mine

The world is mine

The world is mine (2)

I really shouldn't be allowed to drink during the day! I'm a day late with blogging the new releases from LeLutka and I blame a Sunday boozy lunch. Grrrrrr. =)

Anyway, here it is...and I am so in love with these 'Fallen Pants'

Skin - Nellie (peach/makeup 3) - LAQ
Eyeliner - Kyoot (last weeks FLF)
Hair - Siri (caramel) - Maitreya
Earrings - G Hoops - Boom
Undershirt - Shredded Tank (black) - Atomic
Jacket - Popayan Jacket (purple)*new* LeLutka
Pants - Fallen Pants (black) - *new* LeLutka
Boots - IIleid Boots (black) - *new* LeLutka
Ring - Sense of Life Ring (black/silver) LaGyo
Poses - Model Poses #36 pack - *new* Everglow

Listening to:

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I ♥ 3 Things!


Lazy posting today! I'm in love with 3 things today so I made myself a new profile shot.
1) Nellie, the newest release from LAQ that I haven't take off since I got it.
2) This gorgeous hairpiece from Tyranny thats available for this weeks Stumblebum. (Slurl corrected! Sorry to those I sent to Atomic)
3) This gorgeous cut named Aya from Dernier Cri.

EDIT: I totally failed to mention I am wearing the fabulous bargain FLF makeups from Kyoot this week!! I soooo love it. I've worn it everyday since!!