Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Busy Days

29th June 1

29th June 2

Don't you sometimes have those days where life just speeds by you? I'm having a few days like that in SL lately...

Today's look is what I've been wearing in SL for 2 days now. Mostly because I've been so busy with Gee trying to get the photography studio set up, and there was a weekend in there somewhere too! It's all very exciting!!

I wanted a look for SL that signifed that. So I teamed up my favourite jeans from Emery, with my favourite tank and scarf from De-La, the cute 'Nimue' hair from Maitreya, and the wonderful jacket from Ricelli that the world and her mother's blogged by now.

Other credits:

Sunglasses - Emery

Shoes - BabyT in Blood by Pixel Mode (yes, I wear these alot!)


  1. Grats Dai! You look marvy! xoxoxo

  2. Venus!!Thanks =) Big hugs xxxxx

  3. Wow those pics are amazing! Beautiful hun!