Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Nanna's Old Scarf

Nanna's Old Scarf

Nanna's Old Scarf

When I was a kid and Autumn came around, my Grandmother would get out all her hats and scarves and my younger sister and I would dress up in them, seeing how many scarves and hats we could wear at once.

Todays post reminds me of that...Autumn is hat and scarf season, but you can get away without those thick woolen ones and opt for patterns and colours and lighter fabrics. I sooo love everything in this outfit.

I've also opted for a different skin and shape to my normal LAQ favourites and opted for 'Audri' from Atomic instead.

Skin - Audri/Honey/Abyss Makeup with added Tattoo layer 'Thorn' Liner - Atomic
Hair - Anemone/Dark Brown 2 - {{Trico}}
Hat - French Beret (Olive) - Nova
Scarf - My Vintage Scarf (Flowers1) - *new* from Milk Motion
Sweater - Gray Sweater - Izumiya
Jeans - Skinny Jeans (Grey) - Emery
Bag - Mini Bag (Green)- Izumiya
Leg Warmers - Knit Leg Warmers - *new* from Tram
Shoes - Kulturtant Flats (Colour changeable) - Periquita


  1. So beautiful! production and pictures!

  2. Hi Vick =) Thank you so much xxx