Tuesday, 5 October 2010

New Stuff Ahoy!

5th Oct Blogged

5th Oct Blogged

I'm featuring some new stuff today from Truth, Miel and Hyper Culture. All fabulous names that I've loved since my first weeks in SL.

This gorgeous new top named Elle, from Miel is fabulous. I am wearing the 'uber' version in which ever part is colour and texture changeable. Everything I've ever owned from Miel has been so easy to fit.

These low waisted jeans are new (ish) from Hyper Culture. I often have problems with jeans for some reason, but these are perfect. The cuffs at the bottom are perfectly shaped and sized to wear with flats as well as heels.

'Estelle' which I am wearing in chestnut tone, is one of the 3 newest releases from Truth this week. It's a little different to the norm, in that it has both upper and lower layers, so you can decide for yourself.

Skin - Nellie (peach/makeup 9 with hairbase) - LAQ
Hair - Estelle (chestnut from Browns pack) - Truth
Top - Elle Uber Version - Miel
Jeans - Low Waisted Jeans (black) - Hyper Culture
Shoes - Kulturtant Flats - Periquita
Bracelets - Running Bangles - Boom

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