Sunday, 1 August 2010

*New* From Autre

1st Aug1 blogged

1st Aug2 Blogged

Today I am blogging a new release from the lovely Aurora Tremont at Autre - thanks Aurora!. I am in love with this top. The neckline is fabulous, and it has just the right amount of sparkle. I've paired it with these Seaman's Pants from Boom which aren't new, but I've loved for so long that they deserve blogging.

Autre are getting ready to release other items, so I'd recommend a visit.

Other credits:

Skin - Tasha2 from Laqroki
Bangles from Mandala (Rockin Fridays item)
Boots (Muggy in Brown) from Kookie
Hair (Deena - Browns pack) from Friday


  1. auTre loves you!! I've got a new dress i'm putting out today and i'll send it to you ASAP :) its called the Dead Red Poofy Shift and I think you're gonna like it;)

  2. Aurora - Hurrah!! I'm so glad you noticed this or my Flickr, because I'm so incredibly awful at remembering to mention blogs ingame =D