Saturday, 28 May 2011

You just haven't earned it yet, baby

You just haven't earned it yet, baby (1)

You just haven't earned it yet baby (2)

Free time and inspiration in the form of lots of new goodies in SL this week (and last) mean, I've managed to get around to blogging again.

I've also played around with the layout of my blog a little, and taken advantage of some new widgets that make it a little easier to view and search in. If you're a fellow blogger and my link to you has somehow gotten lost in that process, please poke me and I'll be sure to get you added again.

Today I'm featuring new goodies from Dutch Touch, Tram, Kyoot (for 50L), Lamb, Fleshtone, Kookie, Fishy Strawberry and Psychotropia. Whew :-)

Skin - RooS/Tanned - Dutch Touch *NEW*
Lashes - Dutch Touch (included with the RooS skin)
Beauty Mark - Crawford Mole - LFauna
Hair - Lo-Fi/KitKat - Lamb *NEW*
Tee - Revolutionary Tee/Rust - Fishy Strawberry *NEW*
Jacket - Collar long-shirt/Dot-Brown - Tram *NEW*
Shorts - Greta/Original - Mon Tissu
Socks - Lacey White Knee Socks - Kyoot for 50L Friday
Shoes - Pipp/Earth Pack - Kookie *NEW*
Bag - The Rose Satchel - Fleshtone *NEW*
Necklace - PsychoFlowerNecklace in Red - Psychotropia *NEW*

Pose - Amie by Xbordeux


  1. Yay a new look!!! Love your outfit!!! Gonna have to poke you though....

  2. Balls!! Sorry Kae!! readded!!

  3. i really love the jacket and have tried searcing for tram with no luck .. where can i get this??