Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How I wonder..

How I Wonder..

I'm trying to step outside of my bloggy comfort zone at the moment and although todays redhead look isn't a huge leap of faith, it's still a bit of a change for me at least. I've some fun things planned for my next few blog posts though, and hopefully they'll turn out ok ^^

The Twinkle Night Bazaar event is still running, and so very worth a visit if you haven't yet done so. I'd originally popped in to pick up this cute top which is The Secret Store's addition to the event and ended up spending ALOT more than I'd planned. Isn't that always the way ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone xxx


Skin - Summer/Pure in Petal tone /w Frex - Curio *new*
Hair - Story/Red05 - Elikatira *new* available from Hair Fair 2011
Lashes - Dutch Touch
Eyes - Sunrise Eyes/Light Steel Blue - Fashism
Nails - Chocolate Ganache Nails - Rezlspa Loc@Kozmetika

Hat - Straw Hat (no hair) - Nala for Twinkle Night Bazaar
Top - Twinkle Top/Painted Stars - The Secret Store for Twinkle Night Bazaar
Shorts - Denim Cutoff shorts - Tres Blah

Pose - 'Don't mind me' from .synt.

Shots taken in TSB Skyroom from [[nocc]] available at Twinkle Night Bazaar


  1. Cute top and you look cute as a redhead!

  2. When I wear this it makes me feel girly and cute. It fits just right and goes perfectly with any empire waisted tank.