Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumn Bargains

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22nd Sept Blogged 2

No point denying it any longer - it's definately Autumn!
I'm feeling very poor in SL this week, so I went bargain hunting. Izumiya is a -great- store if you're bargain hunting. This cute tunic I am wearing in this picture is a bargain at 20$L. The little bag is also from a gatcha in the store for 25$L

If you're all spent out, but looking for some cute Autumn outfits I'd really recommend a visit.

Incidentally, the nails I am wearing here, and wear every single day, are by far the best I've found in SL. They are from Pixel Mode and contain a HUD for changing polish, and a ton of skin matched bases from most of the popular skin stores! I love them.

Shape - Bebe from Juicy
Skin - Mima from LAQ
Hair - Nora in Copper from Truth
Tunic - Izumiya
Shorts - Fishy Strawberry
Bag - Izumiya

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