Saturday, 25 September 2010

Fall Hunt Goodies

Autumn Hunt 1

Autumn Hunt 2

Today I am wearing some goodies from The Seasons Hunt (Fall), one of the new releases from Truth (seriously, Truth Hawks is a hair making MACHINE), and some funky glasses...just because they make me look intelligent or something...

You can check out the Hunts blog HERE!

Picture 1
'There b leaves on it' Cardigan - Pig - Fall Hunt Prize
Jeans - Emery
Glasses - Essential Shades in Neutral - Epouqe
Hair - Kelsey (Fudge) *new* from Truth

Picture 2
'Mei' Dress in Emerald - Elate - Fall Hunt Prize
'Leaf to Hide' Brooch - [Glow] Studio - Fall Hunt Prize
Hair - D.A.N.C.E in rich brown - Tiny Bird - Group Gift

Bridge Prop - Glitterati - Fall Hunt Prize!


  1. Oh I soooo loving all these cool events going on! This is really my favorite season! :) That first picture is amazing! I am so getting that hair! ;) Truth is making me an addict really, it's insane!
    And I need to get on that hunt! I want the bridge prop! :))

  2. Hi Kaelyn, and thanks! xoxo I'd not purchased a Truth hair for a while, but Kelsey made me fall in love with them all over again. the hunt is awesome too. 60 participants in total!