Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ground Control to Major Tom

Spaced - 19th Sept

Spaced - 19th Sept

Having never unknowingly missed the chance to play dress up, I was super excited when I heard one of the themes for Designers United 19 @SLOW was 1960's space age!!

DUnltd19 is an extensional event of DU4 between the dates of 19-26 September 2010. They will host 19 designers each with one exclusive item. The items are made using one the following themes: Metamorphosis, 60s space age and Origami which are the second voted for DU4.

I am wearing 3 items from the event today. This awesome skin from Tres Blah, outfit from !DaDa! and Telescope from December.

You can visit Designers United 19@SLOW here!!!!!


  1. Lovely! and lol at the post name! :P

  2. lol! Thanks Noiry :D Keep up the awesome work yourself xxxxx