Monday, 6 September 2010

The truth or something beautiful?

Kyoot/DU - 6th Sept Blogged

I think I might just set up camp on the Designers United Sim until the event finishes. If I bought a really small tent and they might not even notice me if I picked a corner somewhere ;-)

So, it's fair to say I am in love with almost every item in the event, infact I'm considering proposing marriage to this *fabulous* gown from Kyoot! There are -so- many cuter interpretations of the Narcissus theme at the event that it's great to see a few darker items, this dress included.

I love everything about this dress. It's extravagant shape and the petal effect on the base of the skirt (even though my picture is too fail to show it all), the flowers on the shoulderpiece, the mesh overlay, the shoulderstrap design. It's gorgeous.

I wanted to add a short hairstyle so the shoulderpiece on the dress was fully visible, then remembered this style from Kin that I've had in my inventory since my very first month in SL.

Don't forget, you can visit the Designers United Sim HERE!! Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Great blog! gonna link you :D
    Thanks to stalking your profile i've discovered the infj description, never heard of this but feel totally related. Gonna *steal* mwahaha.

  2. Noir, thanks!! I linked you too, after discovering your gorgeous picture on Flickr earlier today.
    Mwah!! Dai <3