Friday, 3 September 2010


3rd September Blogged

3rd September Blogged

Yesterday I had some fun playing around with the new Trinity Vampire skins from Redgrave. I'd been admiring them for a while and finally decided to blog them. I'm showing the hunter skin today, although there are two other skin tone options and ALOT of makeup options for this skin, ranging from sedate to full on gore!! Yay!! Pretty obvious what I'll be going to my next SL costume party dressed as ;-)

Yeah yeah, my vampire girls walking in the sunlight in this picture...maybe she's had some fairy blood!

I've teamed the skin with an outfit from the stupendous Scarlett Niven. I've had this in my inventory for a couple of weeks - it looks perfect with the skin!

Trinity'Hunter' Vampire skin from Redgrave
Outfit from Niven
'Ada' Hair in Twilight (Blacks pack) from Exile

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