Thursday, 30 September 2010

Jeans for Genes Day!

Jean 4 Genes Day


In the UK, Jeans for Genes is a national children’s charity which raises money for the care of children and families who are affected by genetic disorders. It also supports ground-breaking research into the causes and cures for these disorders. Since it became a national appeal in 1996, Jeans for Genes has raised more than £33million.

Genetic disorders affect 1 in 33 children born in the UK and include conditions such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia and muscular dystrophy. More than half of all childhood deaths in the UK are related to genetic conditions.

The charity’s main fundraising event is Jeans for Genes Day which takes place on the first Friday of October. Millions of people across the UK make a small donation to wear their jeans to work and to school.

Although I'm not wearing alot in this photo, I am wearing the newest release from LAQ - Nellie. I love her!! Particularly the lips and detail around the nose. She's so clasically beautiful!

Skin@ Nellie *new* @ LAQ
Hair *new* from Shag
Jeans from Emery

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dailyn's Dandelion Days

29th Sept3

29th Sept 1

29th Sept 2

Couldn't decide between the 4 images I made today, so I decided to post 'em all!!

***Big thanks to Mayee Oh from The Secret Store for promotional copies***
Skin - Mima - LAQ
Shape - Fabia - Juicy
Hair - Uma in Caramel - Maitreya *new*
Glasses - Swan Shades in Neutral - Epouqe
Scarf - Black Blossom Scarf - The Secret Store
Cardigan - Long Knit Cardigan in Burgendy from KiiToS
Undershirt - Basic Tank in Black -
Trousers - High Waist Pants in Charcoal - The Secret Store
Shoes - IIlaida Mojri in Black from Zaara
Ring - 'Be Careful' ring - LaGyo

Poses from KiiTos

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Indecision - 28/9

Indecision2 - 28/9

Hair: Gemma in Burnt *new* from LeLutka <<-- this is the LM for the new build Skin: Mima (MAke up 7) from LAQ
Shape: Bebe from Juicy
Dress: 'Kirsty' Dress in Black from Khush
Leggings: Sparro Legs from LG Femme @ The Dressing Room
Shoes: Funny Girl Flats in Brown from Periquita
Bangles: Bone Bangles from *YS&YS* @ The Dressing Room

Poses - 'Indecision' and 'Cyber Chic' from Del May

Monday, 27 September 2010



Snowfall 1

Ok, well it's still Autumn...I got a little carried away with the snow effects :D

Another item from the Autumn Hunt today and new hair from Maitreya!! Woooooo! I so love the Maitreya hairstyles with long fringes!


Uma hair in chocolate *new* from Maitreya!
Earmuffs from Kyoot
Boxy Striped Sweater from Trés Blah - Autumn Hunt Prize
Jeans from Aoharu
Long Armada Boots from Kookie
Bag from Trés Blah

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Fall Hunt Goodies

Autumn Hunt 1

Autumn Hunt 2

Today I am wearing some goodies from The Seasons Hunt (Fall), one of the new releases from Truth (seriously, Truth Hawks is a hair making MACHINE), and some funky glasses...just because they make me look intelligent or something...

You can check out the Hunts blog HERE!

Picture 1
'There b leaves on it' Cardigan - Pig - Fall Hunt Prize
Jeans - Emery
Glasses - Essential Shades in Neutral - Epouqe
Hair - Kelsey (Fudge) *new* from Truth

Picture 2
'Mei' Dress in Emerald - Elate - Fall Hunt Prize
'Leaf to Hide' Brooch - [Glow] Studio - Fall Hunt Prize
Hair - D.A.N.C.E in rich brown - Tiny Bird - Group Gift

Bridge Prop - Glitterati - Fall Hunt Prize!

Friday, 24 September 2010


Bulletproof 1 - 24th Sept

Bulletproof 2 24th Sept

Finding out someone's been stealing my pictures from Flickr, cropping my sig off them and reposting them HERE as their own + A nasty migraine + watching too many La Roux videos on Youtube = This post. I think I should get some fresh air /chuckle/

I've also been wanting to blog Stella Semaphore's great makeup line for a while now too.

More about recent plagiarism of SL bloggers work HERE! and thanks to Harper.


Shape - Bebe from Juicy
Skin - Mima (makeup 7) from LAQ
Make up (Tattoo layer V2.0 or equiv only) - Le Tigre Cobalt 5 from Cheap Makeup
Hair - QPT129 from Boon
Jacket - Basic Black Blazer from Wasted Youth
Leggings - Rude Tights C from Wasted Youth
Earrings - Radii earrings in gold from LaGyo
Bracelet - Prism Bracelet (colour changeable) from LaGyo
Shoes - Athena in Black from Kookie
Poses from Del May

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumn Bargains

22nd Sept Blogged 1

22nd Sept Blogged 2

No point denying it any longer - it's definately Autumn!
I'm feeling very poor in SL this week, so I went bargain hunting. Izumiya is a -great- store if you're bargain hunting. This cute tunic I am wearing in this picture is a bargain at 20$L. The little bag is also from a gatcha in the store for 25$L

If you're all spent out, but looking for some cute Autumn outfits I'd really recommend a visit.

Incidentally, the nails I am wearing here, and wear every single day, are by far the best I've found in SL. They are from Pixel Mode and contain a HUD for changing polish, and a ton of skin matched bases from most of the popular skin stores! I love them.

Shape - Bebe from Juicy
Skin - Mima from LAQ
Hair - Nora in Copper from Truth
Tunic - Izumiya
Shorts - Fishy Strawberry
Bag - Izumiya

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Taxi(2) 21st Sept

Taxi!! 21st Sept

Birds Jacket from Emery
Tulip shirt from Crazy
Trousers from
Shoes from Maitreya Gold
Bag from Biaistice
Necklace from Junk
Hair from
Skin - Mima from LAQroki

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ground Control to Major Tom

Spaced - 19th Sept

Spaced - 19th Sept

Having never unknowingly missed the chance to play dress up, I was super excited when I heard one of the themes for Designers United 19 @SLOW was 1960's space age!!

DUnltd19 is an extensional event of DU4 between the dates of 19-26 September 2010. They will host 19 designers each with one exclusive item. The items are made using one the following themes: Metamorphosis, 60s space age and Origami which are the second voted for DU4.

I am wearing 3 items from the event today. This awesome skin from Tres Blah, outfit from !DaDa! and Telescope from December.

You can visit Designers United 19@SLOW here!!!!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Autumn Days

Autumn Days Closeup

Autumn Days

Velour Dress from *DP*yumyum Both red and navy blue come in the same pack.
Suede Oversized Hat from Nova
Mocassin Boots from *DP*yumyum
Suede Strap Bag from Nova
Hair - no18 from *barberyumyum*
Skin - Isabel in Fair/Make up 7 from Laqroki


Burdies 1 - 16th Sept

Burdies 2 - 16th Sept

Skin - Isabel/Fair - Laqroki
Eyeliner - LFauna Skins
Liprings and Writing - Ellabella (@The Plastik)
Hair - Airi in Blonde from Ronsem
Body Tattoo and Burdies - The Plastik
Shirt - Ronsem
Denim Shorts - Fishy Strawberry
Knee Warmers - League
Boots - Kookie
Bracelet - The Plastik

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New@Royal Blue

Royal Blue - 15th Sept

It's all new stuff today =) New LAQ skin that I finally invested in, new stuff at Royal Blue and the obligatory newness at Truth hair!!

'All Wrapped up in Old Lace' Dress from Royal Blue
Isabel Skin in Fair from Laqroki
Georgia Hair in Champagne (light blondes pack) from Truth
Bangles from Boom

Monday, 13 September 2010

Atomic Stuff


A quick reminder that the Project Donate event is still on and includes the beautiful skin in this picture from Atomic, named Morgan. I've blogged the pre-release of this skin before, but this is a new make up! Ivy's september group gift is also now in store, so go grab it!

Taxicab to Atomic Here!
Taxicab to Project Donate Here!

Props ~ La Petite Morte


Couple of quick posts today probably =)

I was playing around with this Narcissus photo set from La Petite Morte earlier on. It's available at Designers United which you only have a couple of days left to visit before it closes its doors and all the fabulous creations there are gone forever!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

New York Stroll

NY Blogged 12st Sept

Hat/Hair from Shag at the Hair Fair
Aviator Sunglasses from Emery
Scarf from Kyoot (part of the Soft warm neckwrap and Knit Micro pants) *FLF*
Tshirt from Tres Blah
Brown Vest from Demina Designs
Seamans Pants in Mud from Boom
Ballerina Pumps from Milk Motion
Arm Warmers from
Bag from TokiDoki
Poses from Kyoot 'The Things He Says' set for *FLF*

Friday, 10 September 2010


10th Sept 1

10th Sept 2

New stuff at Fore!! This blouse and leggings outfit is named Lau and also comes in black as well as the bronze tone that I am wearing. You can visit Fore here!!

Other Credits:
Sevilla low boots from Nova
Bracelet from LaGyo at Designers United 4! Taxi to Designers United Here!
Hair from Shag@The Hair Fair! Taxi to the Hair Fair (sim 2) Here!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Balloon (8th Sept)

Today I am wearing, yes you've guessed it...more items from Designers United. This cute 'Broken Mirror' dress is from Fore, and the hair is from Tiny Bird at the Hair Fair.

This fabby balloon prop is from my dear friend Milli Santos, of 'No Strings Attached'. Milli has clearly been having a few sleepless nights lately, as she's released so many new poses and props over the last couple of weeks! This balloon prop complete with poses is part of a series of circus themed props! You can visit No Strings Attached at Oubliette here!

Taxi to Designers United Here!
Taxi to the Hair Fair (sim 2) Here!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Project Donate

Dove - 7th September

Just a little post today ;-)

More hair fair fun, with this style from Dernier Cri called Dove. Being a really long style and normally quite difficult to photograph, I was chuffed to see a second set of long hair poses had been released by Katey Coppola at Glitterati however, this set is available only at the Project Donate sim.

Project Donate is an endeavour started by Truth Hawks of well, yanno...Truth. Over 150 content creators have come together to raise money for UNICEF. All items on the sim during this event will have from 50% to 100% of the proceeds going directly to the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis. Project Donate will run until 19th September.

The dress I am wearing in this picture is from Fore at Designers United. Not that you can see alot of it!

Taxi to the Hair Fair (sim 2) Here!
Taxi to Project Donate Here!
Taxi to Designers United Here!

Monday, 6 September 2010

The truth or something beautiful?

Kyoot/DU - 6th Sept Blogged

I think I might just set up camp on the Designers United Sim until the event finishes. If I bought a really small tent and they might not even notice me if I picked a corner somewhere ;-)

So, it's fair to say I am in love with almost every item in the event, infact I'm considering proposing marriage to this *fabulous* gown from Kyoot! There are -so- many cuter interpretations of the Narcissus theme at the event that it's great to see a few darker items, this dress included.

I love everything about this dress. It's extravagant shape and the petal effect on the base of the skirt (even though my picture is too fail to show it all), the flowers on the shoulderpiece, the mesh overlay, the shoulderstrap design. It's gorgeous.

I wanted to add a short hairstyle so the shoulderpiece on the dress was fully visible, then remembered this style from Kin that I've had in my inventory since my very first month in SL.

Don't forget, you can visit the Designers United Sim HERE!! Happy Shopping!!

Listening to:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Designers United 4

DU1 - Blogged 5th Sept



Yesterday saw the start of the Designers United 4 event. Designers United is a 12 day long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.

The theme chosen is "Narcissus", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth.
The event is being hosted by the Floyd sim, and will be running until September 15th.

Today I have chosen 3 outfits with items from Boom, Milk Motion, This is a Fawn, [Glow] and Balaclava all at Designers United which you can find HERE!

You can view the events Flickr page here

Picture 1
Dress (including mirror prop) - Boom at DU_4
Hair - LeLutka
Skin - Mima@LAQroki

Picture 2
Dress - Milk Motion at DU_4
Hair - Atomic at the Hair Fair
Skin - Mima@LAQroki

Picture 3
Jacket - Balaclava at DU_4
Shorts - Milk Motion at DU_4
Necklace - This is a Fawn at DU_4
Hair - Exile (*not* Hair Fair specific)
Skin - Mima@LAQroki

Beauty Spot tatoo layer V2.0 from LFauna Skins

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hair Fair Goodness!

Hair Fair 3

Hair Fair 1

Hair Fair 2

So after 30 mins of clicking a TP button, followed by about 25 minutes of extreme duck walking and moonwalking across a packed full sim, I managed to get ahold of the 3 hair styles I was *most* excited about from the Hair Fair!! These 3 styles are from Exile, Atomic and Clawtooth respectively.

Remember, the hair fair runs until the 19th September and benefits the Wigs for Kids charity!!

Other credits:
Pic 1 -
'Annabelle' hair from Exile
Top from Sugacube
Mima Skin from LAQroki

Pic 2 -
'I'm a lady' hair from Atomic
Buttons shirt from [SMS]
Cutiepie skin from the 'OMG that's Adorable' Hunt - 99$L

Pic 3 -
'French Connection' hair from Clawtooth
'Jolie' skin from Unique
Top from Surf Couture - *FLF*

Friday, 3 September 2010


3rd September Blogged

3rd September Blogged

Yesterday I had some fun playing around with the new Trinity Vampire skins from Redgrave. I'd been admiring them for a while and finally decided to blog them. I'm showing the hunter skin today, although there are two other skin tone options and ALOT of makeup options for this skin, ranging from sedate to full on gore!! Yay!! Pretty obvious what I'll be going to my next SL costume party dressed as ;-)

Yeah yeah, my vampire girls walking in the sunlight in this picture...maybe she's had some fairy blood!

I've teamed the skin with an outfit from the stupendous Scarlett Niven. I've had this in my inventory for a couple of weeks - it looks perfect with the skin!

Trinity'Hunter' Vampire skin from Redgrave
Outfit from Niven
'Ada' Hair in Twilight (Blacks pack) from Exile

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September Days

September 1st Blogged

September 1st Blogged 2

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer.

Helen Hunt Jackson

Sianita Dress (dark denim/beige) from *Reale*
Nyox Boots (coffee) from Kookie *new*
Tied Denim Shirt from Aoharu
Skin - Mima from LAQ
Beauty Spot face Tatoo from L.Fauna Skins
Hair - Trinity (Fudge) from Truth