Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Plantin' lilacs and buttercups

Plantin' lilacs and buttercups

Just a quickie today, while I prepare for a couple of days off and just because I love the new dress from Crazy. Isn't it adorable? I didn't take a pic just to show my shoes, but I've been wearing this with the tassled wedge booties from Anexx <3

I'm feeling a lil bit holidayish too, so there's a lil chilled tune at the bottom. I loves me some 500 Days of Summer and this is on the soundtrack :-)


Skin - Sia/Suntan/Champagne - League
Makeup Layers:
1 - Crawford Mole - LFauna
2 - Cateye (Catty) Eyeliner - Kyoot
3 - Lashes - XGen Makeup Basic Lashes B - MiaMai
4 - Nails - Rezlpa Loc
Hair - Apple/Cacao - Maitreya
Hair beads - Come with the Apple2 hairstyle from Maitreya
Necklace - Multiple Chain Necklace - Yummy
Dress - Julia Dress - Crazy
Rings - Shield Rings/White - LaGyo
Clutch Bag - Connie/Brown - BareRose


  1. Such a pretty look! Great song as well.

  2. Beautiful look! I feel like such a dork. I thought that I had you on my blogroll(without question), since your blog is definitely a MUST read and you are one of my favorite bloggers! However, I just realized didn't :(. So, I had to add you right away. I hope you don't mind ^^