Thursday, 10 March 2011

Day follows day, Light turns to clay...

Abode House 2

Abode House 1

Abode House 4

Abode House 3

There are so many blogs about the Pure Juice event that's currently going on, so I thought the clothing angle was well and truly covered. So, I decided to dip my toes into the water of house/furniture blogging for a day instead and post about this cute 'Keira' house from Abode that you can get at the event :-)

It's decorated with things from my favourite furniture stores, What Next, Lisp, The Sea Hole and Theosophy. I'll try and credit as well as I can - it seems there's a reason why there aren't a whole ton of people who blog furniture in this's a credits-a-thon! Ergh :D


Picture 1
Top -

Flowers - Dream Lotus Flowers - The Sea Hole
Bottom -
Fireplace - Laurel Fireplace - What Next
Rug - Grandma's Attic Rug #3 - What Next
Clock - Clock #10 Propeller - Chronokit

Picture 2
Top -

Planted Flowers as per pic 1
Flowers in Tubs - Gazinia Planter - What Next
Rug - Whirly Rug v2 - What Next
Umberella Stand - Umberella Stand (Texture Change) - LISP
Shoe Rack - Raikes Shoe Rack - Theosophy
Planted Flowers - Dream Lotus Flowers and Emotional Flowers - both The Sea Hole
Lamp - Glowy Outdoor Lamp - The Sea Hole
Swing Set - Lazy Weekend Swing Set - What Next

Picture 3
Top -

Living Room Furniture - The Laurel Living Room set from What Next (can be bought as a set)
Bottom -
Mirror/Chair - Floor Mirror with Lantern - LISP
Burlap of Wonky Sticks - LISP
Sideboard - What Next

Picture 4 -

Gerald, the Feline Prin - The Sea Hole
Bottom -
Chairs, side table and lamp on table - Eco-Chic set - What Next
Lamps in Corner - Nordari (come as a set, and free!)
Television - October Transmission - Nordari (Previous even item, FLF or Themeory I think)
Corner Bookstand - Restoration Leaning Bookcase - LISP

What Next
The Sea Hole

Bit of a song today too :-) Ray LaMontagne FTW!

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