Monday, 21 March 2011

Can't you see, all this stuff's a sideshow?

Can't you see, all that stuff's a sideshow

Can't you see, all that stuff's a sideshow (2)

...If The Secret Store don't stop releasing new cuteness that I heart so hard, that I must blog it, then I'm going to have to change the name of my blog ><

I asked Maylee earlier if she'd named her new Frou Frou skirts after one of my favourite bands, but of course Frou Frou also means 'Ruffle' in the French language, so it turns out I was completely wrong! Duh.

Anyhoo...these cute ruffley skirts have given me a chance to blog some other items I've had in my inventory and wear often, but have never blogged. Namely the Loire knit shrug from Mon Tissu and this beautiful jewellery from Je Suis, which is colour change and can be textured to fit with almost anything.

Some more newness today, with these shoes from Vive9's Spring release, and yet more new hairstyles from Elikatira.



Pose - Everglow Model 426
Location - Art Dummy@Raven's Requiem

Skin - Sia/Medium/Smoky - League *NEW*
Hair - Alright/Brown 10 - Elikatira *NEW*
Necklace and Earrings - Tente Set (texture change) - Je Suis
Cardigan - Loire Knit Shrug/Black - Mon Tissu
Top (under) - Layering Tank/Scoop/Black/Sheer -
Skirt - Frou Frou/Mint - The Secret Store *NEW*
Socks - Knee Socks/Black - Magnifico
Shoes - Pelaje Pump/Black - Vive9 *NEW*

Let Go - Frou Frou


  1. Great look! Yay for The Secrect Store and Vive9!!

  2. Stunning Dai.. and Frou Frou is one of my fave bands, and this movie.. my FAVE EVAR. Ever. Love this!! <3

  3. Fanx gulls!!

    Lily, I think I could have gussed we had those things in common!

    Big love!!

  4. So beautfiul!! :)