Saturday, 12 March 2011

You're a Tiger, Baby!!!

You're a Tiger baby! 1

You're a Tiger, Baby! 2

You're a Tiger Baby! 3.

You're a Tiger Baby! 4.

Every girl needs a little help to get through her weekend housework, right? ;-) Ok, well maybe more than a little.

When I showed her one of the pictures for this, my dear roomie Vittoria asked if I'd been ODing on Mad Men...but I think it's this haircut which is soon to be released by Mr Sebastien Aries of SHAG for Chic Limited whose new collection is out later today...I put this hair on on and everything just got a little....out of control :D


Skin - Mary/MedTan/EBRB/Clean - Glam Affair
Hair - Siren in Kitten - Shag for Chic Limited **COMING SOON**
Jewellery - Alma set from Donna Flora
Dress - Spring Dress/RedFloral - LaViere
Shoes - Dangerously Studded Heels/White - Bellballs (yupyup I'm wearing them again)
Furniture (Ironing Board, Fridge, Cabinets) all from Artilleri
SLURL updates incoming!!

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  1. This is so many kinds of stunning!! LOVE IT!