Thursday, 17 March 2011



I am the slackest slackster blogger today :-) I took this picture yesterday, then the new League skin was released, so I've just spent the day staring at myself in the demo <3

Anyhoo, down to business....tomorrow (19th March) sees the start of the Albero Kawaii Hunt, which runs until 2nd April.

This adorable Dandelion pose prop is just one of the prizes that will be available to avid hunt fans who take part! It's named Dandy and is made by Milli Santos of No Strings Attached!

I'm also wearing this supercute dress which is new from Elate! and named Brooke. I intend to photograph it again and blog it properly in the coming days ;-)

Albero Event Park SLURL

Hair - Vive9
Glasses - Epoque
Boots - Bax Coen

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