Friday, 7 January 2011

I got my peeps, they're telling me they know where it's at

I got my peeps, them telling me they know where it's at

I got my peeps, them telling me they know where it's at

Some days, no matter how long I spend standing in a static pose, messing with sliders, my pictures just don't turn out quite as I'd hoped. However, I am loving some of the pieces I am wearing today, so you're gonna have to suffer my shiney forhead nonetheless ^^

New Kyoot eyemakeups make me happy!! As do these fabulous shoes from Peqe, which I am trying to stop myself buying in every colour (I'll probably fail on that one)

My dear friend Delusional also posted a little challenge of sorts, on her blog yesterday. She asked the question "Who is your fashion inspiration?" so I couldn't let the moment pass without mentioning a few of my favourite bloggers.

Carolina Sautereau's Blog and Nana Minuet's Blog are the blogs that inspired me to start blogging myself...their style, and photography are stunning and I constantly find myself thinking "Wow, why didn't I think of that?"

I should also mention Estrella Thespian and Estella Magic, and Demi and Poppy's blogs. All these girls have a style I am jealous of...I generally hang around outside their houses, hoping I can sneak in and steal their wardrobes and fashion sense. I don't let a day pass without reading and drooling over all these blogs!

Have a great day



Skin - Vilda/Peach/Makeup 1 - LAQ
Tattoo Makeup layer - Cateye 1/ Oceania - Kyoot *NEW*
Hair - Neva2/Thoughtful Brown -
Cardigan - Nordic Knit Coat/Navy - Tram
Top (under) - Boatneck Tee/Black -
Skirt - High Waist Mini Skirt/Navy - Peqe
Socks - Part of the Moxie shoe - Maitreya
Shoes - G Wedges/Dark Leopard - Peqe
Necklace and Earrings - Chakra necklace and earrings, Boho beads deep blue - LUC


  1. I'm so glad you shared who your inspirations are! You know that now I'm going to have to go and lurk on their blogs and probably end up spending too many Lindens as a result. :)

  2. Awww, sorry Del ;-) But that was such a great idea, that I couldn't help but respond!! xoxo

  3. Sliders? What viewer do you use? I need to learn more about sl photography.

  4. I am glad to know that you like what I do and it's always good to know that I may have played a part in your decision to start blogging :D
    Hugs <3

  5. Oh ... I've tried to say "It's good to know" lol I'm sorry the weird english haha :p

  6. Samara - I use Viewer 2...the regular SL one. I am happy to chat ingame if you think I can be of help to you :)

    Carolina <33 Thanks for spotting this. It's always a pleasure to read your blog....your style inspires many! xoxo

  7. Thx Dailyn, I might take you up on that offer this weekend. I watched Strawberry Singh's tut about shadows for Viewer 2 (but the Advanced menu was slightly different) and I'd like to play around with that. Do you always have to be outside for shadows? I couldn't get it to work in my house.

  8. Dailyn! You have a style that I AM JEALOUS OF!! I <3 U! xoxo Rory