Monday, 17 January 2011

I hardly know, which way is up and which way down

I hardly know, which way is up and which way down

I hardly know, which way is up and which way down Full

Newness from Dutch Touch, Lamb, The Seasons Hunt, Addict and Mandala today!!

I had to offset the sheer amount of lindens I spent on this gorgeous new skin, by finding bargains elsewhere (shakes pixellated fist at Iki Ikarus <33). So I am wearing this cute blouse which was 30L$ at Ribbon and this GREAT bag which was only 120L$ from BareRose. Both TOTALLY worth grabbing when you can!! :) The blouse comes in different patterns too, of course and there's a cute little flowery dress instore as the current group gift. Click the Subscribo!!

I might blog that tomorrow, hmmmm...



Skin - Megan/Caramel/Basic CL1 EBBrown HB - Dutch Touch *NEW*
Eyeliner - Makeup Eyeliner02 - Dutch Touch
Beauty Mark - Crawford Mole - L.Fauna
Hair - Addict/Twix - !Lamb *NEW*
Scarf - Minnu Scarf/Soot - Addict
Top - Refined Top/Flower - Ribbon
Jeans - Denim 1929 Cigarette/Dark - Mon Tissu
Boots - Sora Boots/White - Addict for The Seasons Hunt
Bangles - SINRA Cuff and Bracelet/Black - Mandala *NEW*
Bag - Connie/Black - BareRose (Haute Couture section)


  1. What, those boots are from the Seasonal Hunt?! Score! I did the hunt yesterday but didn't have time to open anything yet.

  2. Yeah! I was surprised too. I wasn't even hunting for them, I was buying the scarf for this post and just spotted the boots prize sat nearby lol