Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hold me like a Pillow

Hold me like a Pillow (Closeup)...

Hold me like a Pillow...

Happy New Year everyone!! xoxo

Today is a cute look based around this hairstyle from Posh, that I found while browsing around the Project Themeory for this week. The skirt I am wearing today is part of the hunt and available from LMK with 2 colours in the pack - bargain!

I'm kinda ashamed to admit, that the skin I am wearing today is the first I have purchased from Pink Fuel, and now I am kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner...not only are her skins amazing quality and value at just 1/300L$ per makeup, they're also supercute on my regular shape.

More newness from Ricielli's 5th collection today, and a long time fave from my inventory...these Le Plateau heels from Magnifico Miggins <3

Skin - Ember Scene (Dark Brow/Freckles) - Pink Fuel *NEW*
Hair - Sweet (Hazelnut) - Posh
Jacket - Paris Coat (Black) - Ricielli *NEW*
Top (under) - LONGTOP (Black) - Ricielli *NEW)
Skirt - Highwaisted Tight Skirt - LMK
Socks - Knee Sheer Socks (Black) - Magnifico
Shoes - Le Plateau Heels (Black) - Magnifico

Poses - Closeup (Croire@ the pose fair on now!!) Full Length (Ricielli)


  1. Gorgeous pics! And I NEED that jacket! ^^

  2. ^^ Thank you Lila. I should have bigged up the jacket more tbh. The shoulders and cuffs particularly are awesome!

  3. youre adorable! trade blogrolls plz?

    emily kaestner