Sunday, 23 January 2011

Save me from myself...

Save me from Myself 1

Save me from Myself 2

Save me from Myself 3

If I were to be run over by a bus today, I'd die happy because I have worn and loved the new Curvaceous boots from GoS by Gospel Voom. There are -so- many things about these boots that make them perfect, yes really... and I'm not even bum licking because I got a review copy (I didn't). They really are that good, that I was almost having palpitations when I TP'd into the store.

The boots come in a big range of colours and really aren't that expensive at 695L$, but what I love is that if you want to wear another colour you don't have to purchase a new just spend 300L$ on a "polish".The boots also come with 3 heel options built in. I'm wearing the wedge heel in these pictures, but there is also a stiletto and chunky heel. Everything has been thought of!

I think these boots are so obviously sexy, that I decided to dress them down with this casual Sunday look with some of my favourite items, including the fab Yulia Blazer from Modd.G and this cute paperboy hat from Maitreya.

So much news that I almost neglected to mention another exciting event...the opening of 'Kozmetika'...a store dedicated to tattoo makeups and includes - CheLLe, Cheap Makeup, Mozz, and Booms own new makeup brand which I am wearing some eyeliner from, here (except my picture fails a bit) =D

Happy Sunday!


Skin - Vilda/Peach/10 - LAQ
Makeup Layer1 - Liquid Glaze Silver - Boom@Kozmetika
Makeup Layer2 - Lashes v2/02 - Mozz@Kozmetika
Hair - Sour/KitKat - Lamb
Hat - Leather Cap/Mocha - Maitreya
Necklace - Found Charms Necklace - Yummy
Scarf - Long Scarf/Sepia - Maitreya
Top (under) - Lollia Tank Top/Slate - Mon Tissu
Top (over) - Teobaldo Vintage Shirt (It's mens, but meh, oh well) - Kapanga
Jacket - Yulia Blazer/Dark Green - Modd.G
Jeans - Denim 1929 Cigarette Jeans/Dark - Mon Tissu
Boots - Curvaceous Boots/Brown - GoS *NEW* (Dailyn Faints!!)

Poses - Everglow -so perfect for showing off the boots-
Location - Organica


  1. i want those boots irl! great post Dai!

  2. Oh gawd me too!
    <3 yew, fanx for the comment!! xoxo

  3. The boots are gorgeous (great with the wedge and your styling) and your pics are gorgeous!! :)

  4. I am definitely going to [Gos] to grab those. But, your whole photo is amazing!

  5. nice look! i love it! <3